While SEO trends come and go, you should follow them not to miss the latest updates. With almost 80% of users focusing on organic search results, the significance of new SEO trends can hardly be exaggerated. This is why web developers should adapt content to the relevant algorithm’s ranking criteria. With a successful Digital Marketing strategy, your resource has a chance of maintaining good positioning.

4 Most Significant SEO Trends

To achieve high ranking in SEO performance, you need to pay attention to many metrics. These include traffic, backlinks, and social shares. If you want to know the most relevant SEO trends in 2021, check out the list below!

Keyword Research

More than 50% of search requests end without a single click. With sufficient results in the SERP (Google business listings with menus and contacts), users can get the answers they need without even typing out a full query. This is why your website should contain and cover keywords according to the user’s intent. Thanks to a smart approach to keyword research, you will manage to find keywords that can actually boost traffic and sales for your business.

SEO specialists used to pay special attention to primary keywords. Now, they should focus on secondary keywords as well. Semantic search and intent optimization will be of great importance in the nearest future. Apart from chains of words, Google is now considering query context to discern a user’s search needs. To address the semantic search, optimize content for topic phrases instead of separate keywords.

Voice Search

Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa have already been equipped with a voice search mechanism. But this technology will become even more popular in a matter of time. By 2022, the percentage of tools with an integrated smart speaker is about to reach 55%.

To optimize your content for voice search, pay attention to your keywords. Integrate long yet more natural-sounding combinations of words that are widely used in everyday communication. When users type their search request, they usually abbreviate. For example, they might voice search, “How can I order an essay at Graduateowls?” but type the words, “order an essay at Graduateowl.”

Influencer SEO

Influencers are becoming icons of the modern society. With the right influencer involved in your business project, you can boost the ROI. You should choose the ones who have the right audience. To make your collaboration work, make sure to integrate effective SEO tools. These include:

    • link building;

    • brand visibility in the SERPs;

    • social media engagement and referral traffic.

As you can see, you don’t need to produce long-term content if you want to top the Google rankings. By using the proper schema, you will help Google understand how the content on your website is connected.

Video Marketing

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms with more than one billion users. So even if you aren't fond of video content, it's time to give it a try. Your mission is to optimize videos for search engines. How can you do this? You should optimize your video content name and description that can’t be overwhelmed with keywords. You need to inform users about the purpose of your channel. By using YouTube's autocomplete feature, you can get some recommendations in the search field after entering the topic. The recommendations will take the form of keywords to be used to adapt the video content to the right audience.

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Bottom Line

The days of simple optimization of keywords and meta titles are in the past. With constantly changing metrics, SEO is getting more and more complex. With SEO’s current trends, you have to think about everything to guide a smart content strategy.

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