Design trends progress along with fashion, modern technologies, and marketing tactics. Even though we all experience hard times during the pandemics, the visual world never stopped moving forward. Designers and artists kept their eyes on the freshest trends to stay updated and, what is more, to predict the upcoming trends of 2021. From retro fonts to augmented reality, the list of new design trends is pretty extensive. Let's discuss some trends of greatest relevance and see how the visual sphere will change in the upcoming year.

Parallax scroll effects 

Parallax scrolling makes pictures and other design elements overlap and move. This feature makes images look “deep” and bring illustrations to life. As a rule, the technique is used to make the background move elements faster or slower than those on the front side. When users scroll the page, they see this movement and perceive images as dimensional, not flat.

Vintage typography 

Stylized fonts and vintage typography come back. Retro style doesn’t seem to go out, and many modern designers use it in combination with new school features. We will definitely see numerous visual experiments based on "old + new" mixes in 2021.  

3D Design

The 3D design is all about interactivity. This technique allows designers to create visual elements for lively communication with visitors. Another application of commercial 3D design is product presentation. Designers create detailed mockups of the brand's goods, and customers eagerly examine the items from all sides.

Augmented reality (AR)

When talking about 3D design and its high level of detail, it is impossible to forget about its new implementation – augmented reality. AR provides website users with an immersive experience. Commercial websites use AR design actively to provide a solution for real-time and remote visualization of their goods. Today, some websites already offer virtual fit checks and online constructors for custom products designed with AR technology.

Subdued colors

In the era of advanced technologies and visualization, customers look for something that feels natural. Designers understand this trend and therefore use muted color palettes for their visual projects actively. To strengthen the desired effect, creators usually combine subdued colors with hand-painted pictures and hand-written text. 

Personalized experience

New design practices strive for personalization. They support users' desire to make their experience more active and unique. Focused on needs and wants, modern design techniques encourage creators to make their visuals customizable. Now they go further than offering dark and light modes for apps and websites. Instead, the freshest trends allow visitors to readjust the whole design to their own preferences.  


Pictures can tell stories to hook viewers and stay remembered. Some creators use different design elements to uncover a story that is revealed during the user's online journey. For example, something new might appear when he/she clicks the buttons or scrolls the pages. These might be small and subtle animated illustrations or even a whole movie. 

Cartoonish characters 

Characters allow visitors to emphasize and relate to pictures on a personal level. The evolution of web design leads to humanization that is why illustrations and mascots are so popular today. The design will continue absorbing the elements of art in 2021.  

Original cursors 

Designers customize cursors rarely because this might confuse visitors used to the good old plain arrow. However, the trend of original cursors keeps on rising and turns this small insignificant element into another way to interact with customers. Custom cursors subtly evoke the feeling of something unusual happening, just because users rarely see them changing. 

Geometric grids

Design is all about user experience, which includes not only aesthetics but also convenience. Geometric grids allow designers to create clear structures and present information in an easy-to-grasp manner. Blocks are flexible and make website navigation easier. Content separated with squares and lines allows creators to make emphases and "lead" viewers throughout the website. 


The trends of web design head for interactivity, customization, and convenience. There is no doubt that such modern and advanced features as 3D, parallax, and AR will definitely stay on top in 2021. However, subdued colors, cartoons, and hand-painted elements are here to bring this highly-technological environment into balance. The design elements will intermix in the most fantastic cocktails, so one of the upcoming year's biggest trends is definitely an experiment. Arm yourself with these trends, go creative, and people will notice you!

Author’s Bio:

Ester Brierley is a freelance writer and content strategist at Write My Papers. Apart from writing, she is also fond of drawing, photography, and design. In addition to her core work, Ester knows how to balance freelancing and QA Engineering in a software outsourcing company. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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