All companies want to be successful, so it’s imperative that they come up with positive, innovative ideas on how to spurn successful growth patterns. However, while many companies hire executives from outside sources and look to other competitors and businesses for their inspiration, quite a few are finally beginning to realize that the creativity that they search for should come from within their own organizations. In fact, there’s something to be said about “not forgetting to look in your own backyard!”

Every corporation, startup or other organization have key players on their team who seem to not only understand the goals and ethics of the business, but they embrace them. This is called intrapreneurship. An intrapreneur will actually work and otherwise function just like a regular entrepreneur, but within a much larger organization or network.

A few identifying traits of an intrapreneur include:

  • Being self-motivated
  • Not afraid to take initiative
  • Ready to take action
  • Will think outside of the box
  • Takes on a leadership role when appropriate
  • Is also a team player
  • Easily steps in as a mentor
  • Takes responsibility for their work

Just reading those probably brings one or two people on your team to mind—maybe even more if you’re lucky! Intrapreneurship within a company can put you on the fast track to a successful outcome. Just imagine if your entire team picked up even just two or three of the traits listed above, and began working with you, rather than for you!

But what are some of the best ways to really bring intrapreneurship to the forefront of your organization, so that you can see exactly who’s ready to jump onboard? Below are a few tips that will have your team networking, coming up with new, inspirational processes and moving you even closer to your business goals for 2019!

Simple Ways to Implement Intrapreneurship

Even though many of your team members may be exhibiting the work ethics of intrapreneurs, it’d be great to have this radiate throughout your department or even the entire company. Thankfully, there are a few proven steps to help you almost immediately spark a change.

Start Brainstorming Immediately

Once you have identified the possible intrapreneurs within your organization, set up a time that everyone can get together for brainstorming. You’ll want to start off by explaining intrapreneurship, and how you have identified these traits in many of your employees or freelancers, and how you want to make this the norm among the people in your team.

Next, open the floodgates and let the brainstorming begin! Make it clear that you’re not looking for worn-out ideas on business growth, but you’re looking for inspiration that will really shake things up! If something hasn’t been working for dozens of other companies, then there’s no reason that you should attempt to incorporate their unsuccessful plans because you think your execution will be better. Instead, stop coloring inside of the lines and get a little risky!

Don’t Skip the Discovery Stage

After you have a few good ideas put on paper, be sure not to jump in with both feet before completely considering their overall impact. You’ll need what many like to refer to as a “discovery stage,” which will provide you and your team ample time to decide exactly how this will impact your company, and the best way to begin implementing it.

Many large corporations often stumble at this process, because they’re too eager to immediately begin utilizing these new plans and ideas, without first seeking any marketing or customer-related evidence that they will result in successful outcomes. In other words, don’t just apply your new ideas to a few possible “what if” scenarios that have been suggested. You’ll absolutely need real-world exploration to decide the best way to move forward. See this as an experiment, and begin to build a log of data that you can constantly refer to, even once you have moved beyond the initial stage of discovery. 

Always Test Your Ideas

Finally, you will want to move into the process of testing your ideas. If you’ve decided to change your fee structure, for example, which will offer initial savings to your clients, but may provide you with additional sources of income down the road, you shouldn’t come to the conclusion that you should immediately put this into action. Select a few test samples, and begin to see what the long-term outcomes might be for both you and your clients. 

If you execute a poorly planned idea, chances are that it will almost always fail. Don’t lose the potential benefits of a great proposal due to impatience.

Now that you know just how to get everyone on the same page when it comes to intrapreneurship within your organization, the real coaching can begin! Once you see a trend starting to take shape, be sure to give it the support that it needs to grow. Before long, you’ll be sure to see the positive change that this has made for your business. Get started today!

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