Enhancing the speed of your website is probably the one aspect that you should worry about the most. This is because lousy and lagging webpages annoy the customers and drive them away. Generally, users prefer browsing only those pages which possess a fast loading speed. Since it is an extremely crucial factor, every web development company loves deploys tools that are available on the web using which you can gauge your website’s performance. 

A whopping 32% of the web now runs on WordPress. While this is excellent, it also means there exist numerous different themes, technologies, and plugins all working together. For a daily WordPress user, this can turn into a frightening situation if the website starts to lag and they don't even know where to troubleshoot.

Increasing the speed of a WordPress website is very similar to the process used for optimizing the speed of a website that is hosted on a dedicated or a shared server. 
What can cause a WordPress website to load lethargically?

WordPress exist as an excellent platform, used by every web development company adores, for a workable and well-designed code with a variety of different plugins and themes. Some plugins and themes do not offer the best performance and therefore, result in sluggish websites. When it is combined with a slow web hosting, the website becomes a nightmare.

Why is speed so important in today’s digital world?

Speed is a pre-requisite that customers look for in the websites of today and disapprove of anything that is slow. Even Google considers site speed when allocating ranking to your website on the search engine. If the speed of your site is slow, your website’s traffic will fall massively.

Mark that the customers won't wait for your website to load. If any web page takes ages to load, they will drive away to competitors in a split second. And worse, many of those potential customers won't ever return.

How to speed up your WordPress site?

Before you start taking necessary measures to speed up your website, Best web development company Australia ranks #1 recommends that you check your current website’s performance with available online tools.

Let’s explore easy tips to speed up your WordPress website for better optimization and customer conversion:

1.      Choose the right web host

To make your WordPress website’s speed faster, you must improve the web server that makes your website sluggish. As a newbie, you are surely fascinated by the cheap price tag, unlimited bandwidth and page views of a web host. However, the unlimited benefit comes with costs, the speed slows down like a turtle as traffic increases. Before you choose a web host, do your research and search for reviews.

2.     Use proper theme/framework

Themes play an increasingly important role in WordPress because it either results in attracting the customer or driving them away. People often get attracted by the free WordPress themes. While the sound of not paying for a theme sounds good, free themes add lots of unrequired codes on your website. As a result, your website becomes sluggish. Default WordPress themes, with their excellent codes and speed, works best. 
3.     Deploy right caching plugin

You must install a good caching plugin to make a fast webpage. Having a caching plugin allows your page to show a cached version of a page rather than showing the original page, making the process of loading faster.

4.     Leverage a content delivery network (CDN)

CDN offloads your static resources from the main server making your website load faster from the user’s end.

5.     Allow Gzip compression

Ensure that you present a GZip version of the website to your visitor because it presents a faster webpage by compressing your overall webpage size.

6.     Optimize images

Images, because of their big size, are the heaviest and one of the main reasons why websites load slowly. As it increases engagement on your web page, an easy solution is to choose a specific image dimension thumbnail and reduce the image size using plugins.


Making the speed of your website fast and optimized is as crucial as developing a responsive website. Site speed also marks as an important factor in the positioning algorithm of search engines. If your website is sluggish and lacks speed, you might lose a large chunk of potential customers. In this world filled with different options, customers take a second to close your slow website and switch to competitors.

A slow website will not only make you lose web traffic, but it will also result in lower ranking in the search engine. Make your WordPress website faster with the above-mentioned tips and embark on the journey of web success in 2019.

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