Nowadays, it is frequently agreed that the key to search engine optimization is getting excellent backlinks. The days of having the capacity to spam the Internet with bunches of low quality backlinks along with acquire the results that you intend end, undoubtedly.

Backlinks remain an important component among the more-than-100 items search-engine algorithm considers to calculate your website’s position on a search engine results page (SERP). That's why they're important. But achieving a strong backlink portfolio using only white-hat (ethical) SEO tactics can be challenging.

Search engines optimization is all about on page optimization and off page optimization, on page optimization deals with your keywords research, stuffing and density, while off page optimization deals  majorly with building and creating backlinks.

check out other trusted ways to create backlinks for your site.In this article you will learn about

* what is backlinks
* features and how backlinks works
* strategy for building backlinks

Backlinks also known as inbound, inlinks are incoming hyperlink from a web page to your website. 

Backlinks can be be categorize into two types which are

Nofollow Backlinks: Type of inbound links that tells robots not to follow a link in a web page External Nofollow Links: These are also compared and just the same as a Nofollow link the only difference is that your anchor link would be opened in another window tab.

Dofollow Backlinks : They are inlinks that quickly turns robots ear to follow the link provided in a web page.With these explained you should know the fact that Dofollow links are more preferable and useful to nofollow link, that implies you need bucks and loads of Dofollow links.

What is high quality backlink's:


If an important site is linking to you, there is a good chance that your site has something important to say in your niche. Similar to real life, if an important person mentions you, the overall impression of the listeners will be influenced by his high authority in the field and that way your importance will grow.


A relevant backlink is a link that is positioned on a site/page that talks about the same subject, or is in the same niche with your site. The relevance of a link may be given based on the content of the linking site or page and the contextual relevance of the words surrounding the link.


A high quality link has even more power, if it’s hard for your competitors to get a link from the same source.  Links from relevant sites that only talk about your site and not your competitors can be considered great links because they are unique to your site. A quick example of such a link, would be conference sites that link to the companies and speakers that are participating at that conference. Naturally, not all your competitors can be present at that conference so that is a great place to build some high quality and unique links to your site.

Following are Some quality strategy to build backlinks 

1. Search For Backlinks Through Building Broken Links

As a blogger who inquires to rank high on search engines you have to search for backlinks and later inlinks can search for you through quality contents, Broken links are dead links in either 404 page or Error in a web page. You can simply build a broken link by  searching for a dead link in a web page then contact the owner informing him about the dead link then submit your own page related to the broken one.Follow this steps to find a dead link on a website Searching for broken link is pretty simple use tools like brokenlinkcheck then search for the website you are aiming at, make sure it's related to your niche.To search for site related to your niche use text below as your search string


After finding the broken link in your chosen site you need to reach out to websites owner alerting them about a broken links in their content (Youare helping them with this) then at the footer of your email message drop your similar content to the broken one.At least if you try this for a few websites, 40% of them will approve your request AND IT' ISN'T OVER

The broken link you just found might be of great use to you by Copying down the website and use backlinks checker tools like semrush to search for its backlinks, pick out those useful ones {with high pagerank}, then reach out to them with the same strategy.

4. Guest Blogging And Participating In Forums

Doing guest blogging has been known since early age of building backlinks, guest posting is simply writing contents for a typical blog and dropping your name and your blog url,With this strategy you gain in two ways:

1. You Blog gets popular
2. You earn yourself a Dofollow link

To find guest posting website simply use the below search string on google "niche"+"guest post " or simply use dropmylink tool Participating on Dofollow forums also serves you your deemed link juice,  there are lots of forum out there which gives out Dofollow links but finding them can be a bit stressful as you just have to register on the forum, then participate in the ongoing discussions make sure the category you are participating in is related to your niche then you can hoop your url inside your comments.
Simply use dropmylink to search for do follow forums.

Note: Spamming forum sites can kill your seo, make sure your inputed link is related to your comment

5. Building Backlinks From Profiles

Do you know you can build links from your registered social network via your profiles follow this steps to get backlinks from google+ and shopify For Google Plus Simply register an account on Google plus At the top right side is About bang on it The next page you will see Brief description about yourself click on edit at the downside Write up your information at the introduction box provided and put your website html link or rather click on link just at the top of introduction then type your url and text to display You  can also get pr8 from this online sharing contents simply signup and verify your account then click on settings, below it click on your profile and update it with your blog url.Note that not all social network and bookmarking sites offer do follow for profile link.

The Common Unique Backlinks Sources

1) Google+ Profiles

If you don’t have an Google+ profile or business page, so please go create it and write something in your profile about, the story and introduction section. While writing, add your site  links and get dofollow inbound links.

 You should write a large description on about section and link more text of your site. Also, inform your staff and workers to link back from their Google+ profiles to get more links from Google+.

2) SlideShare

SlideShare is community of presentation, where people upload and share slides built with PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument. If you have a LinkedIn account, then go upload a presentation and link back to your site from profile and description field.

3) Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video-sharing website and an alternative to YouTube. It’s easy to get backlinks from Dailymotion, just upload your YouTube videos on Dailymotion and add your website links in the description field.

4) Dribbble

Dribbble is a community for designers, and you need an image or design shot to upload and link back from the description field. Use Flaticons and Free photo stock to create a designer like shot in Photoshop.

5) is the only social networking website whose domain extension is .edu. Upload documents, papers related to the research and add external links in the document. Your document will automatically preview in HTML on the site.

6) Reddit

Reddit is a social network of external links, and community member can easily submit web content links such as article, images, videos and more. Write a text post to get better backlinks benefits from Reddit.

7) Digg

Digg is a news aggregator and getting links from Digg will need a high quality article related to the latest news. Digg didn’t add no-follow tag because publishers are their main content.

8) Imgur

Imgur is an image hosting website and a brilliant source to get free GIFs. Share an image or GIF on Imgur and add links in the image description field. You can create an animated GIF from video and share on the site.

9) Flickr

Flickr is a photo and video hosting website and this is a useful source to get free images for web contents. Many blogs and sites use Flickr images for their article and products content and link back to the creator’s website. Share some images on Flickr and add links in the description field.

10) DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a community made for Artists and designers. Submit an Art or publish a journal entry to get a link back from the source. Email verification is required in order to write a journal entry.


Create a free blog with WordPress and publish posts related to your website with your site links. If you don’t have any idea, simply explore blogs and read some top posts.

12) BlogSpot

Blogger is a most popular free blogging platform made by Google. Simply create a free blog with blogger and publish posts with your website links.

13) Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social network lets you create a free blog and share posts.

14) Weebly

Weebly is a good way when it comes to creating and launch a free website, store or blog. Use this platform to get backlinks for your site.

15) Wix

Wix is the other way to create free blogs and add Do-follow links in your free blog pages.

16) Quora

Quora is a question and answer website where you can ask questions related to any industry such as Technology, Health, Science, Shopping, Services, Internet, and more. Ask a new question in Quora with your website link.

17) WordPress Support Forum support is a really high quality source and it useful for marketing and blogging websites. Moderators are very strict, so please ask a genuine question related to WordPress, Themes and Plugins.

18) Apple Support

Apple support is a community to ask and find questions related to the Apple products. It’s required Apple ID to ask a question in the community. You can easily create an Apple ID without a credit card.

19) Microsoft Answers

Microsoft Answers is a community and a forum for asking and answering questions related to Microsoft products, such as Windows, Office, Devices, and more.

20) Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer website for programmers, where you can ask and find questions related to programming languages. Put your links in question or answer field.

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