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Social media marketing has many benefits. It does not require a lot of money or effort to get involved in social networks. Another benefit is that you can add posts from devices, such as your phone or tablet. This means that you can keep up with your network and customers all the time.
Along with all of these benefits and advantages, the biggest major benefit is increasing traffic. With social media marketing, you can build traffic faster than with SEO alone. In fact, there are quite a few ways that social media contributes to Web traffic.
[ i ] Backlinks 
 When most people think of SEO and traffic, the first thing that pops into their heads is keywords.
Keywords definitely play a major role in being seen by your audience and gaining traffic, so they shouldn’t be neglected. However, there is another important element related to gaining — backlinks. Gaining backlinks can be done via a blog, a forum, or a social media site.
Considering the fact that social media giants get millions of views every day, backlinks on these giants are far more effective than on a blog or forum that does not get millions of daily views. Sites that get so much traffic are constantly in Google’s spotlight. Getting just one backlinks on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest could be the equivalent of 10 on other sites that are not in Google’s spotlight.

How to Create Multiple Backlinks While Shunning Google Penalties

Have Social Media Pages for Your Website

Create a separate social media page on every important social media platform there is on the web. And this surely includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. The thing with social media pages is that they are indexed actively by Google and on platforms like Google Plus, you also get dofollow links. Besides, these are great mediums to get good visibility for your brand on the Internet.
Once you create a profile on, let’s say, Google Plus, make sure you include the URL of your website in your About Us. This should be an indispensable part of your social media marketing strategy as you might get some valuable backlinks for your website through this method. Also, on Google Plus, you should post the URL while sharing a post in the “Links” section, instead of the ‘Share what’s new” box.

Write Guest Post for Sites that are Relevant and High-Ranked

Guest blogging is still a result oriented exercise if you wish to garner some good PR for your site. But, you have to take every step with caution, so to speak. If you start posting guest blogs on websites with low page ranks and disputable reputation on the Internet, you are most likely going to validate yourself for Google’s penalties. It is very important to approach only the sites which are relevant to your website’s theme and which accept only quality posts. For the fact that these are high-ranked websites, they receive a lot of visitors. Among them, you might get a number of clicks on the URL which thereby can increase your site’s traffic.
Comment on similar Kind of Websites

It is not only the guest posting that should be done on good PR websites. But you also need to take care of the fact that the comments that you post including the URL to your website should be on equally reputable websites. Otherwise, you may just end up being taken as a spammer by Google’s algorithm if it finds too many links of your websites in the comment boxes of irrelevant and low-ranked sites.
If you manage to find sites that have good PRP and also accept comment links with dofollow parameters that would really serve you well, and reduce the need to guest blog to a certain extent. But don’t overdo the comment thing.
Article Submission Sites

The article submission sites like Squidoo and Ezine articles work great to give you some much needed link juice. Submit as many articles on these sites as you can and include the link back to your site in the Author Bio section. Google does not penalize your site of you post good quality content on these sites and add a link to your site. It is also one of the most reliable ways to get relevant link juice. Besides, these are pretty popular sites, which ensure that you also get a lot of traffic from the links in your articles.
As Google continues to launch Panda updates, you need to steer clear of dodgy ways to gain backlinks.

[ ii ]Popularity 
 Social media sites are considered the intersections of the Internet, mainly because they are the busiest sites in the online world. This fact is what makes them so valuable when companies are looking to increase Web traffic. One of the major ways that Google indexes sites for page rankings is through popularity. Google is all about providing users high-quality content and they feel that the people are the best ones to judge that. Keywords and backlinks play a major role in your ability to be found by users and potential customers. It’s also another major factor to how Google indexes you, but popularity is how you can pass Google’s rank test with flying colors.

 Use of Colours: This is also very essential as when you create a web page then you need to use the simple and vibrant colours which are liked by the readers. You should always use the natural and appropriate colours which give your web page a cool & good look. You need to stick to only two or three colours to give your web page a natural feel.

 Images: If you want your web page to be applauded by the readers then you need to focus on the images you are putting in this webpage. You need to build up a strong and simple presentation which liked by the readers. Most of the people use large and extra coloured images for their web sites and these creates a bad impression on the readers as they visit your website to find the information not for the images.

Check with the Loading time: Make sure that your website is opening at the right time and it is not taking much time to open. The reader needs the simultaneously and quick responses to their queries and it should be within 3-4 seconds and max with 5 seconds. If your website is taking more time you will suffer a great loss as you lose the traffic and also the readers which visit your website for the information.

Make Presence in Global Market: You should always try and focus to make your presence in the market which can grow your business and provides you with the internet traffic. The internet is source for everyone who is looking for the information and if they find the relevant information then you need to be quick with the information so build your page which is visible to both reader and search engines.

[ iii ]Social Media and Small Businesses 
 If you own a small business, it’s even more important to utilize social media marketing as an important marketing tool. Recent studies have shown that small businesses derive much more of their traffic from social networks, online listings, and other forums, when compared to larger businesses. Another fact to consider is that most small businesses advertise through word-of-mouth marketing and referrals. It’s estimated that approximately 80 percent of people utilize social media as a means of getting referrals when they’re looking for a particular product or service. These facts clearly demonstrate the importance of maintaining your presence on social media sites.
[ iv ]Backlinks as a Tool 
 Most businesses make getting backlinks from Facebook and Twitter part of their marketing strategy to drive more traffic to their website. This strategy works due to the fact that you are getting more exposure and giving your target audience more opportunities to come across your content and view your site. Backlinks also help capture users that are not immediately interested in your business, but later find themselves interested in what you have to offer. By giving users the option to come across your content multiple times, you increase your odds of capturing both your target audience and new customers. Another useful feature of backlinks is the fact that Google monitors them to determine how to rank sites. It’s a major bonus for your organization to get as many backlinks as possible.
[ v ]Get Seen More Often 
 This strategy is useful for companies who are struggling with visibility, despite using SEO strategies. SEO is still an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to gaining traffic and you definitely want your site to be SEO optimized so that search engine users can find it. However, the downside to using SEO is the amount of time it takes for search engines to pick up on your work. At best, you can see results in six months, but it’s very rare for a site to reach a first page rank within a year of implementing SEO. There are billions of sites out there that need to be indexed and time and popularity are the two main factors that make SEO work effectively.
Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that your competition is also likely implementing SEO, so in order for you to reach that top page ranking, you have to be doing something extra that they aren’t doing.
For companies who haven’t secured a top ranking in search engines, having a presence in popular social media sites is an added source of visibility. When your company engages in a conversation on a social media site, you are getting people out there to click on links back to your website.
This may be your main business homepage or a specific product page. Unless you have a very large company that’s been out for a while and is already popular, it may be difficult for you to get traffic through search engine optimization alone. The fastest way to get your small and medium-sized businesses noticed is by going to social networks and advertising your brand in as many creative and attractive ways as possible.
[ vi ]Social Media for Short-Term Benefits 
 Large numbers of hits from social networks like Facebook and Twitter should tell you that you’re doing something right. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will eventually pay off. You will see results in paying customers, increased traffic, and customer loyalty. However, if you stop posting for a few weeks or more, you will have to start back up again from the bottom. This is why social media works best in the short-term.
With so many people posting and being active on social media sites, if you don’t do the same, then your page could get forgotten and any benefits you have gained could be lost.
search engine optimization is still an important tool for marketing and gaining visibility, but it should be considered as a tool for achieving long-term results. Utilizing social media is a great way to get quick results, but it’s only useful if you consistently maintain and update your content. The best thing any business can do for itself is to get the word out about their business on social media networks. Maintaining a consistent flow of traffic is what keeps your business afloat.

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