The following Steps Help to  drive More traffic to your blog 

how to drive traffic to your blog

Write content rich in links and keywords

Incorporate plenty of key words into your blog, the same ones a reader might type into a search engine like Google. Mix it up with some quotes from notable people, clickable links to other articles (or blogs you've written) and mentions of famous people, organizations, companies, etc. But don't go overboard until your blog is no longer organic and easily readable -- "Do it, but don't over do it," is the general consensus of social media and SEO experts.

Optimize Images

how to drive traffic to your blog

 Use images with every blog you write, without fail. They catch our eye, anchor our attention as we process what's in the photo (see mind mapping below) and blog links are far more likely to be clicked if they have an engaging photo. The same concept applies for sharing your work on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to attract an audience. Remember what they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words!

Suitable Title With Best Keyword

For Example :

The title of your blog is THE most important factor in getting your blog opened. Since it's the first thing a potential reader sees, a good title catches the viewers attention, creates some controversy, plays off a common saying, mentions newsworthy keywords or names, hints at conflict, delineates action, and maybe proposes a question that the reader now wants answered. Oh, and it has to be short! Remember that it should fit well within 140 characters (for Twitter, with room for it to be retweeted and the link.)
Be clear, concise, and direct, but also propose a new angle or creative take on a topic in order for your title to get clicked. Remember that people are bombarded with choices, so choose a title that jumps out at them!


It’s the most ignored among mom bloggers and yet it has an extreme amount of potential in bringing to you more traffic by bettering your rankings in google search. I’ve been dragging bloggers kicking and screaming to Google+ and most of them still do not have a Google Plus Page for their blogs.
One thing you must keep in mind when using Google+ for your blog, your personal account is best for promoting your peeps, your Google plus page is best for promoting your posts and those posts that relate to your niche or are within your niche. Building your authority in a niche doesn’t stop with your blog, it goes beyond to where ever you have a presence.
Add a link into your email signature inviting people to read your latest blog post

Think about how many people you email on a daily basis, new and old. This simple practice reminds them you have a blog, and may intrigue them enough to click the link.

Share your article on other social networks

 Pinterest, Vine, Storify, Digg, Quora, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Care2 are just some of the many options for sharing your work.

Share your article on social bookmarking sites

 Plenty to choose from here, as well: Newsana is a new, good site, and you should also consider, Delicious, Ebaumsworld, Newsvine,, Technorati, and more.

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