The year 2013 has been a terrific year in terms of Google updates and ups and downs of many websites. The back-to-back algorithm changes Penguin, Panda and release of Hummingbird shifted the conventional search engine dynamics. Many online analysts have even gone so far to consider SEO as a dead subject; however, Google has denied any possibility of so, stressing on keyword research and organic SEO. The main objective of Google algorithms is to fight against spam, making internet a clean platform as much as possible.
google seo changes

At one side online presence is more significant than ever, and on the other side, Google has started discouraging all “gray hat” tactics. The online marketing initiatives are more competitive, visionary and require a strong expertise. So, how can you access 2014 as an SEO transformation?
Stress On Content Marketing

Content marketing will get the greater pressure point in overall online marketing. Google is looking at those companies who have smart content marketing. Some of points you must remember before strategy being adopted for content marketing:
  • Robust and regular content targeted specific audience.
  • Expert content writing with specific knowledge about the subject
  • Freshness of content with sound grammar
  • Social signals from regular sharing in various social media
  • Authoritative content with more readers engagement.
Social Media Plays A Pivotal Role In 2014

The SEO domain is expanded to social media. If you want success in digital marketing, you need to consider social media as a strong hinge. Not just one or two media but you need to devise a proper social media strategy to accentuate your marketing efforts. Ask yourself following question before devising a proper plan:
  • Are you considered social media seriously, and invest money on engagement, reciprocity and relevant content?
  • Is your content suit to social platforms or you needed to devise plans for each of them?
  • Are you active in social media pertaining your industry?
  • Are you active in those social media that matters to Google?
  • Does your social media marketing effort send social signals to fulfill your objective?
Do Not Ignore Google +

Google + has second most visitors after Facebook, ironically people still don’t consider as a potential platform for marketing. A recent study by Mozshows that Google + will play an important role in SEO ranking. Some of the things you need to consider:
  • Google authorship of your content is now a significant factor in SEO ranking. Establish your authorship program and link it with your Google plus program.
  • Don’t ignore +1 in Google + because it is a strong social signal in Google algorithm.
Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO has already taken a leap. The rapidly shifting landscape of smartphone and tablet market has forced Google to take special importance to mobile users. At present smartphone and tablet market is on the rise expected to increasing in coming years. So, it is imperative to create mobile optimized website, giving priority to design.
Guest Blogging Still A Top Priority With A Caution

Google has recently released many parameters about quality guest blogging. It is critical to create content that is relevant, robust and according to target audience. It is not about the quantity as we have seen many guest blogging where quantity is huge but quality is poor.

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