The following Tips Describe about How to Optimize Goolge+ for Get More Traffic 

how to drive google+ traffic to your blog

1. Create a Complete Profile or Page

If your blog can be identified as a business or brand, then create a Google+ Page for it. If not, use your personal Google+ profile to connect with your blog audience. The first step is to create a comprehensive profile or page that fully describes who you are, what expertise you bring to the table, how to find your blog, what your blog is about, and what makes it special.

2. Connect with People

Once you've created your Google+ profile or page, you need to start connecting with other Google+ members. Search for people you know first. Then look through the people they follow to find more interesting people to follow. As you spend time on blogs and other social web destinations, look for links to connect with interesting people on Google+.

3. Create Circles

Next, you should create circles to categorize your Google+ connections and then place people into appropriate circles. For example, create circles for your blog readers, your blog post sources, people who influence your target audience, people who can help you promote your blog or publicize it, and so on.

4. Decorate Your Posts

To attract the attention of your readers, your post should be eye catchy, your post should be attractive. When you write your posts in your blog then you use to highlight some text to attract your reader’s attention then why not to apply this trick while sharing posts on Google plus or any other social network.


Make your post looks interesting and eye catchy. Write an interesting description, ask questions in your posts and also give a way to know the answer of the question which you are asking.

You can use ” > & < ” signs to highlight your questions and the title of the post which will make your post looks attractive. Use sign ( * ) if you wants to add some more points in your description. You can use this sign like a bullet.

You can also use numbers to list your points. Don’t forget to use hash tags in your G+ posts like in the above screenshot. It is the best way to target a wider audience from Google plus and it can also help you to increase your Google plus followers. 

Sharing your posts using text is the common way but to target more readers, also use images. 

When you will place your link then a thumbnail of your post will appear automatically which can make your post more and more attractive and interesting.

5. Send Google Plus Communities

To drive Google plus traffic to your website, you should also join some Google plus communities related to your blog niche because you can also target the audience of your Google plus communities directly from your profile.
To share your post in Google plus community directly from your profile use share button at the bottom of your post.

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