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Try out this great backlinks checker tools to analyze your website status and to steal other people backlinks so as to know your competitors aggregation.

Backlink checker tools tells you how many inbound links you have gotten for your site and the link used in getting the backlink.

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Backlinks are mainly categorized into two forms which are nofollow backlinks and dofollow backlinks 

Nofollow links are links that add no seo value to the link gainers it is rather counted useless,  While a Dofollow backlink help in ranking higher in (serp) search engine result pages it is of great benefit as the link points directly to the gainer,  the Dofollow backlinks help in determining your google ranking.
It's well known that you should try to gain backlinks from niches similar to yours,  if you are on Entertainment niche and you are gaining traffics from technology website note that all the backlinks would be painted null. 

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Backlink Checker Tools List


tool backlink

Let say this is the best tool I have ever gotten for you as it give you detailed information about your website inbound , its link popularity and you can also allow you to compare two website, i am using this website for free unless you are a kind of guru who has to pay 69$ to get more links.  To access this site go to their homepage and make sure you are q registered member then type your url and analyze it   

Goto : Semrush tool 

2. Ahref


Ahrefs is one of the best tool I do use in completing my website analysis it offers you the total number of social shares including facebook, twitter and Google Plus  It also tells you the number of Dofollow and nofollow backlinks you have gotten and total number of crawled pages by search engines.

Goto : Ahrefs tools

3. Rank Signals


Rank signal is the first tool i do use when i started blogging is a free tool that gives users the amount of share social buttons, it gives you a complete detailed of a site nofollow and dofollow backlinks, the text link help used in getting it. To use this tool just go to their homepage and type the url you want to use the click on search it only require you to register before using their full glory.    

Goto : Rank Signals

4. Open Link Profiler


Open link profile is a complete free tool that gives you complete analysis on the percentage of the backlinks you have gotten, be it nofollow or dofollow backlinks, it also tells you the page title and sources giving you the anchor text link in getting the backlink.  And the day the backlink was gotten.This tool has been one of my best tool used in calculating my competitors worth.    

Goto : Open Link Profiler

5. Linkody


Linkody as a backlink checker enlighten you with your backlinks rating, this free tool tells you if links gotten are no follow or do follow just like other backlinks checker.  Only the uniqueness I see in it is it tells you the ip of the website you got the backlink from, to use this tool just access the homepage and type in your website and click check.    

Goto : Link Kody

6. Open Site Explorer

ssm web

This is a popular tool from moz considering the tool from a popular website it tells you about your website authority but careful with this tool as it also counts spammy links which might be from high authority sites so as not to harm your seo.  To try out this great tool bang on moz and register they offer a 30 days of free trial but note it requires a credit card, with your membership id you can put upto 10,000 links,  Access social profiles and lots.   

Goto : Open Site Explorer

7. Backlink Watch

ssm web

This tool gives you easy way to steal your competitor backlinks. You can get upto thousands of links from the site.  It give you the nofollow and dofollow status and also gives you the anchor link.   

Goto : Backlink Watch

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  1. It seems some tools have more features, therefore, they are better. I am the beginner in the field and I’ve chose Open Link Profiler, just because it was the first tool I saw. Nothing difficult. However, as I can see it doesn’t search for broken links, right? What tool would you recommend?


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