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Social medias best way to promoting your blog and help you in expanding your reader base.The problem is that there are no written rules about using it and more often than not people end up hurting their brand instead of improving it. If you are looking to drive traffic to your blog, then Twitter is the perfect platform that you should use. With over 500 million users, Twitter can be a great source of traffic, readers as well as promotion for your blog. 

Twitter has the potential to propel your blog up the business ladder, and get the essential traffic that you require for your blog to be successful. Twitter offers you the opportunity to meet new people, and to make new contacts. Twitter is also a powerful tool for communicating with your readers 1-on-1 and finding inspiration for your future blog content. It can also help you in connecting with the best in the industry and learn from them. 

Twitter has the potential to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog. But for that to happen, you need to be creative. Tweeting dull lines with a link back to your blog will not work. 

As you can see from the graph, my blog gets 25% of its social traffic from Twitter. That’s quite impressive given the fact that I started taking Twitter seriously only a month ago. The funny part is that Twitter is driving 3 times more traffic to my blog than Facebook and I have been very active on Facebook for last 5 years. Using Twitter is an art and it can drive a lot of traffic to your blog despite its limitation(only 140 words a tweet).  

Here are 7 Best tips to maximize your traffic through Twitter so that you can get a major chunk of this social media.

drive traffic from twitter

Tip 1:

Get creative while tweeting a link to your blog post. Short and provocative tweets work best. Use Tweets that invoke interest in your blog article. You don’t need to stick with the post title. 

Try to use a shorter,concise and more interesting version of your post title. Because of the 140 word limit, it’s better to provide maximum information with minimum characters. Keep your tweet to the point and your followers will appreciate it. Use URL shorteners to shorten your links.  Get Social  

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Tip 2:

First and foremost, Twitter is a social networking site. So, be social and make new friends. 

It important to get in touch with people from your niche and be part of your niche community. So, try to have more targeted followers that will find your tweet useful as they share your interests. Try to be friends with as many blogging friends as you can as this will improve your visibility in Twitter.

The best strategy to get niche targeted followers is to follow a “Big Name” in your niche and then start following his followers. There is a good chance that most of them will follow you back.Be Regular 

Tip 3:

Its important to be active on Twitter. Tweet interesting facts and statistics, speak with your followers, re-tweet interesting tweets and ask thought-provoking question. 

Try to be a part of the twitter community related to your niche. Reply to the tweets you find interesting. Start conversations with others and try to help them. Contribute to discussions going on in your niche community. If you will have interesting conversations with others and will help them out, then people will start noticing you and you will start getting more followers. 

Being active also keeps you in touch with the trending topics.It’s also important to be active on the right time. It’s important to find when your followers are most active on twitter. It is a no-brainer that sharing your blog links when most of your followers are active is the best strategy. Use tools like TweetStats to find out your twitter statistics.Power of Re-tweeting 

Tip 4:

It’s very important to re-tweet tweets from others, esp re-tweet
from Influencer(persons that lead your niche and have large number of followers) in your niche. 

Re-tweet their posts whenever you can. If you keep on repeating this process, they will start noticing you and may even retweet one of your links. Imagine, the difference a re-tweet from Neil Patel and John Paul Aguiar (both with 100,000+ followers) can make to your blog.

You can also politely ask the influencers that follow you to re-tweet your posts. But to do that, you have to get noticed by them. Re-tweet their posts, leave comments on their posts and interact with them. Then, request them politely to re-tweet your posts in Direct Message. 

Also ask your followers to re-tweet your post.Thank the persons that re-tweet your posts or mention you in their posts. Also try to send a welcome message to each person that follow you. You can also attach your blog URL with the welcome message.Twitter tribes are the new sheriff in the town 

Tip 5:

Use hash tags while tweeting because hash tags increase your visibility. When people want information on a specific topic, they search for those using hashtags. 

Add hashtags to your tweets so that they will turn up in search results. Hashtags are a easy way to brand your tweets in your niche.Time to make your blog social-friendly 

Tip 6:

Make your blog social-friendly by adding social sharing buttons to your blog. Adding tweet buttons is the easiest way people can share your blog posts on Twitter. 

Make it easier for your readers to tweet your post if they like to, by adding tweet buttons on your blog because your readers can share the content in a few clicks.

I also recommend using automation tools for promoting old posts on your blog that can no longer be found on the homepage of your blog. You can get a major boost in traffic to your old blog posts by automating tweets. 

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Tip 7:

Complete your Twitter profile This is the first and the most important step in promoting yourself on Twitter. A good Twitter bio and profile can make yourself and your Blog more credible in the eyes of your visitors. Complete your Twitter profile by including a link to your blog in about section of your profile. Its also important to customize your profile to make it stand out from the rest. 

First of all, you have to build up a reputation that will result in regular visitors to your blog. Promoting yourself on Twitter takes a lot of time and effort but once done, it can result in driving a lot of traffic to your blog. 

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