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Content marketing is definitely a effective advertising strategy that freely offers information to those allowing the writer to develop credibility with time.

Content marketing can be so hot at the moment. No, really, it's. According to Content Marketing Institute’s recent B2B Content Marketing report, 9 from 10 B2B marketers are applying content marketing, and 45% prefer to increase their shelling out for content marketing above the next 1 year. More marketers are shifting their article marketing efforts in-house, but as well, producing enough submissions are their biggest challenge heading into 2016.

Marketers certainly must focus less on producing more content and turn their attentions towards producing quality content. And, while content marketing is a lot more than just tools as well as a solid tactic to be successful, you can find a best of tools available that can increase the risk for job of developing content a bit easier

53 Amazing Tools List For online content marketing  

1. TrendSpottr - TrendSpottr helps users get the most timely and relevant details about any topic from
over the real-time Web.

2. RSS Feeds Hootsuite Plugin - If you use Hootsuite, this plugin is perfect for keeping tabs on your RSS feeds all in one place.

3. Bottlenose – Bottlenose provides social media marketing listening and analytics for marketers, including a free of charge search tool for tracking trending news and topics.

4. Quora - Quora is a wonderful place to find what folks in your niche or industry have questions regarding - a goldmine of great ideas for content.

5. LinkedIn Answers - Like Quora, LinkedIn Answers can be another excellent method of obtaining ideas for content.

6. Google+ Communities - Join some relevant Google+ Communities to have some content ideas from your discussions going on.

7. Evernote - I use Evernote to quickly write down and keep an eye on any content ideas I have. I can add it from the Evernote website, and yes it syncs to Evernote on my phone and tablet.

8. - List posts are ideal for traffic and SEO. Listly makes it possible to curate items into lists then you can embed in a blog post. Plus, others can vote with your list items or add their unique items to this list.

9. Storify - I love this tool. Using Storify, you are able to curate many different types of content of a specific topic, like blogs, tweets, videos and images, into one board. It's especially a good choice for events like conferences.

10. Pinterest - By now I'm sure you're already quite informed about Pinterest (and therefore are as enslaved by it as I am). But have you investigated using it to curate ideas for your articles? Perhaps you see an infographic you enjoy and want to emulate, or new methods to present your content regularly visually. Pinterest could be the ultimate visual content curation tool!

11. Editorial Calendar - This is probably an important tool you will need for content marketing - an editorial calendar.

12. - This can be a very easy-to-use tool for brainstorming and creating mindmaps. I use it for mapping out different content and article types relating to my editorial calendars.

13. Google Drive - Formerly Google Docs, Google Drive is a good place to maintain editorial calendars for straightforward sharing and collaboration through the content planning process.

14. Trello - Organization is vital when it comes to producing content. Trello can be a collaboration tool that organizes your job into boards, which enable it to help you organize your posts projects from start to finish.

15. Podio - Podio is really a project management tool, which enable it to help you keep your posts projects under control much the same way as Trello - with all the added bonus of nifty Apps it is possible to add it and make use of for different functions (like collaboration and research).

16. Consumer Barometer - Google's Consumer Barometer provides insights into how consumers search and research product purchases - that is useful insight in relation to creating content that targets those consumers.

17. Google Analytics - If you use Google Analytics, you do have a goldmine of web data available to you to inform your site content marketing efforts. The keywords individuals are using to have to your web site, one example is, inform you what topics consumers are interested in and searching for.
Google Keyword Tool - Keyword research is really a must for content planning and creation so your content regularly can be optimized for the best keywords. Google's AdWords Keyword Tool is probably the best (free) tools available for determining which keywords make use of, as well as doing some competitive keyword analysis.

18. Buzzstream - BuzzStream is really a platform that may be used for SEO linking and advertising. Using BuzzStream, you may look up keywords to discover content about those topics and also the influencers writing that content. This will not only enable you to with research, and also with generating additional content ideas.

19. Prezi - Prezi is becoming very popular in an effort to visually improve your presentations and produce them more dynamic. While it may take some planning and creativity to make a truly effective Prezi presentation, this might be a great tool for re-purposing existing presentations into something more interesting.

20. - If you don't have the resources in-house to make mind-blowing infographics and visual data, carries a creation tool so you'll be able to create your own personal. Or, you may hire a designer through their Marketplace to produce something somewhat snazzier.

21. Piktochart - This is the one other tool for creating your own personal infographics. They offer a totally free tool by incorporating basic themes from which to choose, and also Pro packages for further choice and customization.
- Pixlr is usually a free online photo editor, and comes in handy with no Photoshop for your use. I use it for creating simple visual content like photo memes and visual equations.

22. Issuu - Use Issuu to produce your own digital magazines or present PDFs inside a new format (for example reports, whitepapers, guides, or ebooks).

23. - Sometimes checking up on a voluminous feed of content from multiple sources is usually overwhelming. assists publishers deliver their content with their Twitter and Facebook accounts from RSS feeds.

24. BufferApp - If you have many content to publish to your social accounts immediately, Buffer lets you set an agenda for automatically posting that content the whole day. Just add every bit of content on your Buffer, make the posts, and you are clearly done!

25. Percolate - An integrated suite for content marketing.

Everything from managing inspirations to planning, planning, curation and publishing, Percolate can be a integrated suite solution for Content Marketing folks.

26. Little Bird – Find influential folks on social networking.

This is surely an app which can help you find influencers on social media marketing on any topic you’d like. Now that a lot more brands are engaged using socialmedia audience and interested in finding influential people, Little Bird works well for streamlining the operation of finding influencers, validation and purchasers integration about the same platform.

27. Everyone Social – Make your employees talk social to suit your needs.

Through a fairly easy digital dashboard, you can certainly shape your employees’ social communications right into a sustained and relevant conversation about your brand.

28. Shareist – One stop solution for content marketing.

Shareist is a content marketing platform for businesses. It helps you capture content from around the web, easily incorporating text, links, videos, images and more in to a content pool and then pushing it into the editorial calendar + publishing/distribution mode. Pretty nice tool if you have a small team working on your content marketing efforts.

29. Skyword – Engage with social websites audience easily with data insights.

Skyword’s content marketing software and services provide everything you should reach and engage your audience with original site content.

30. Uberflip – Create content + support it on internet sites from one place.

Centralize your site content (blog, social, eBooks, whitepapers, video and much more) in a beautiful, responsive content Hub. Convert individuals to customers with dynamic CTAs that integrate with MailChimp, HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua. Score your site content to discover what’s working and ways in which people consume your content regularly. Send key insights instantly to your marketing automation tool.

31. PowToon – Create professional looking video animations free.

Create free animation videos simple and fast with this tool. Free!

32. Woisio – Search content ideas on audio video.

Woisio allows you to scan live broadcasts, audio, video, and blogs for active content. A nice tool if you are looking for ideas.

33. Tweroid – Schedule tweets based on your audience interaction.

Start Tweeting When Others Listen. Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet. We analyse both your tweets and your followers’ tweets. So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.

34. Inbound Writer – Optimize and grade your content for social media.

Enterprise grade software giving you real-time intelligence on what to write about and how to make your content perform.

35. IFTTT – Create custom rules depending on actions on myspace.

An amazing tool that allows you to take actions depending on a group of rules. Ex: If someone new follows your self Twitter, then tweet a certain tweet. Good thing can it be works across networks. If something happens on Twitter, then take this course of action on Facebook. Handy!

36. Optimizely – Optimize landing pages with A/B tests plus more.

Test anything from button colors to order of assets, offer copy and lots of other variables. Track engagement, clicks, conversions, users, or some different. No coding abilities needed however, if you have them, it might be customized a little more forward.

37. TrackMaven – Track anyone/anything on social networking.

This is a reasonably simple to use yet powerful tool that will aid to track any brand on web 2 . 0 across all networks.

38. OneSpot – Make your posts reach out as ads.

OneSpot transforms your content regularly into ads on a huge number of sites to create a bigger, better audience for your site content, turn press coverage into prospects, get response rates 2x to 50x superior to traditional ads.

39. Taboola – Promote your content regularly on other sites via recommendations.

Taboola promotes your articles to the right users, about the most innovative publishers on the globe via ads. Remember those “Around the web” articles on popular sites? They are from Taboola.

40. Scripted – Buy great content from established authors.

Scripted allows you to find authors and hire those to write and develop your site content ideas, easily and efficiently.

41. Zerys – A full fledged content marketing platform.

Both usable for smaller than average and business marketers and agencies, this is the platform that permits you to integrate your site content marketing efforts all into one place.

42. Copify – Quality content from approved writers.

This is often a marketplace for sourcing content from approved writers.

43. Curate – Create curated listing of content on any topic.

Easily find, organize & share relevant content on your business to put your brand just as one industry thought leader, increase brand visibility and generate leads.

44. Outbrain – Get content on any topic from the huge repository.

Outbrain Select (formerly Scribit) empowers one to select from numerous articles and videos that is generated by the world’s leading publications and instantly publish them on the site plus in your social channels to operate a vehicle engagement along with your brand.

45. Dash Parsely – Real time performance analytics for authors.

A real-time look at individual posts, authors, sections and referrers. Learn how each article is triggering your site’s traffic over the last 24 hours. React quickly to up-and-coming content. Great tool for news based article marketing websites.

46. Wordy – Real time proofreading and editing for your site content.

Wordy can be a professional copy-editing and proofreading service that optimises the precision and readability of content — from Fortune 500 business reports to academic texts and website copy.

47. Convert – A/B Testing on steroids.

Probably the strongest A/B testing software available in existence. Pretty economic too!

48. Zemanta – Promote your content regularly contextually on popular websites.

It is a lot more a plugin, that allows you to integrate your content regularly on other blogs contextually. I like that you can select topics and judge blogs dependant on reputation.

49. Graphicly – Automated e-book publishing done affordably.

It’s an incredible tool that allows publish e-books easily in basic steps.

50. Divvy – Content planning big teams.

Divvy can you thing right. And that is, content planning. Suitable for big and agile teams, this can be the best tool in case you are having trouble sourcing and curating content.

51. Gather Content – Helping agencies gather content from clients.

The content-first solution which enables agencies along with their clients plan, organise and collaborate on website content. Pre-CMS.

52. Kapost – One place software integrating all facets of content marketing.

From curation to idea generation, distribution and analytics, quite sure does it all.

53. – Store and save infographics.

A nice tool that allows you to save and organize infographics on all topics.

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