best ways to make money
best ways to make money

Every bloggers aim to make money from blogging with their blog or website. But most of the bloggers fails to earn money and left to blogging. The secret mantra for earning money from the blogging is Patience (not only be patient without smart work ) and Hardwork.Fast ways to make money,nothing anywhere Fast ways to earn money.just Fast Fast peoples go-to fails.Here i post some useful method to make money with/without blog. There are many ways to earn from the different advertising companies and placing their ads in perfect place which may increase your Ads earnings.But it depends on the Niche.The Best chance to earn more money. your blog must need good amount of organic traffic/traffic.

bloggers want to make more money
bloggers want to make more money

Best ways to make money

Pay per click (PPC)

ways to make extra money
ways to make extra money

PPC, CPC, Pay Per Click is what advertisers pay to Internet publishers and search engines for one click on their ad that directs a visitor to an advertiser's site. Google's Adsense program includes the most major player here.

The Best method to earn money is through only the PPC and CPC only. When visitors click on the Publisher ads will leads to earn money.Lot of site provide CPC,PPC programs but here we provide only quality platforms.

Best 5 PPC Ad networks

1.Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best PPC providers.And its best ways to make money.
Every Pro Blogger have the account in the google adsense and earning money big.


It is the Bing and Yahoo providing ad network . It is one of the best alternative for the Google adsense. It CPC and PPC was some what good. This ads are depends upon of eRPM for the CPC, PPC, CPA and CPM. I recommend this, if you didn't get the Google Adsense Approval.


This is one of the best alternative for the above all Ad networks. Clicksor is Provides text ads and Banner Ads.It is completely based on the CPM and CPC ads type. But It offers less CPC as compared to the above ad networks. If you become a premium publisher then you will make more money


It is one of the CPC based ad networks. It provides the Mobile Ads and Local Ads.Local ads used to make more money easily.
Chitika offers the low CPC as compared to the Google Adsense and the Ads. Chitika work with the Adsense and Media. net advertising companies.


Infolink is based on the text ads and CPC ads.It is the one of the best alternative for the CPC and PPC ad networks. Infolinks ads show related to your keywords.

Text and Banner Ads

ways to make extra money
ways to make extra money

Banner advertisements range from simplistic logos to various advertisement unit sizes. For example, you know Dan of Dan's Health Foods and he wants to pay you a certain amount of money per month to place his logo somewhere upon your website. A text advertisement is like a banner ad yet you're placing text on your site.

A good list of the top banner advertising networks that's help much more.


This is one of the most popular Banner Ads providing has many different features and tools for publishers and bloggers.Its help to promote targeting specific audiences through your niche.Useful way to best ways to make money in genuine. has a variety of advertising options available  including image + text ads, textual ads, banner ads.

2. Advertise Space

While this network does not accept all websites, it does accept about 90% of sites.

Advertise Space only offers banner ads.Advertise Space accepts companies and sites based on user engagement, traffic, and original content.Best features are used to make more money effectively without worry. 


Many people may not have heard of, and may wonder how it is in the number three spot. Well, they have one of the best rates on the market and are one of the best in terms of features that are offered. offers a variety of advertising types, including: text ads, image ads, pop-ups, full-page, splash ads, image and text ads, and image ads.

4. Blogads

Blogads one of the oldest advertising networks around, and spend most of their focus on the entertainment sector.

There are a variety of services offered, including text ads, image ads, image and text ads, and images ads. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing isn't just for websites. Companies can design software and apps around affiliate deals. This can be a lucrative way to make money from an app or software program, but it can be both challenging and limiting.

If one wants to develop a software program and earn money from affiliate deals, the software needs to be designed for that purpose. Travel apps and websites are good examples of programs that use affiliate marketing to earn money.

1.Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon includes the original daddy of affiliate programs. It is where if somebody visits your web page and views a widget which says 'David recommends this book about dogs' and that individual clicks on the link and purchases that book, you'll receive some money.

Paid Products

With so many free apps and software programs readily available online, it is extremely difficult to get people to purchase an app. Customers who will spend five dollars on a coffee won't spend a dollar on an app. Chances are that any given app developer will be competing against an app that is free or freemium.

When a company has the clout, marketing resources or market share, charging a fee is a top monetization strategy.

If a company is offering a niche product with nothing similar in the marketplace at all, then charging for the product may make sense. A company that already has a solid reputation and a strong following may have an easier time effectively charging for an app or a piece of software.

Products that are considered high-quality across the board, as well as game sequels, are two software programs that often benefit from this model of making money.

2. LinkShare

Reportedly the largest affiliate network, with over 10 million affiliate partnerships.

LinkShare offers over 2,500 affiliate programs and lets you choose whether to have every aspect of your affiliate channel manage.

3. Commission Junction

Said to be the largest affiliate marketing network Commision junction.

offers affiliate, media, and tracking services and provides either a self-management or company-managed option for your affiliate relationships.

In addition to its regular pay-per-action affiliate program, the company also offers PayPerCall programs.

4. ShareASale

ShareASale has over 2,500 merchant programs and features brands.ShareASale has received excellent ratings, with the company’s reputation/security, ethics, customer service, and ease of commission payment receiving glowing reviews.

Affiliate marketing sites in various platform such as Best Theme promoting , Best hosting offers promoting,new domain offering.

sign up Bigrock For promoting domains , hosting offers , vps hosting in indian users and also others.  

sign up Dreamhost For promoting domains , hosting offers , vps hosting .Dream host is Top affiliate program providers .   

sign up Hostgator For promoting domains , hosting offers , vps hosting. Hostgator is Top affiliate program providers .

sign up MYthemeShop  For Promote New best top theme's with your's visitors and customers.  

Pay per Install

Pay-per-install provides another way for developers to distribute their apps while making money. This approach is particularly effective for making money with software that's distributed on desktop platforms. However, there are platforms readily available for both desktop and mobile app developers.

Monetization with a pay-per-install program requires that the software be integrated with a smart installer. The best smart installers aren't just scripts; they are full platform solutions that are customizable to meet a specific software's needs and targets.

1.Amonetize Amonetize PPI program

Amonetize is one of the top Pay Per Install networks in the market. With the top PPI rates for bundle distribution and wide range of countries SW developers can make a lot of money So become SW developer of even simple applications and become rich by giving away free SW.

This company offers up to $2 per install for US traffic and very attractive payouts for several international countries. Payouts can go from $0.10-$1.00.

Once you join the network you will get your dedicated account managers and fast payment terms.

2.RevenYou RevenYou PPI

RevenYou pays you for Every FREE Install your SW generates. is a great way for software developers or publishers to maximize their online earnings. 
It can be hard to earn from freeware applications, but with developers can instantly earn money from every installation. 
Software developers need to fill out a simple form, upload their unique application and get the exe back wrapped with interesting offers. 
You also get login details to check on daily revenue. When users come to your website to download your application, they download our offers along with it and with every successful installation we pay you per install.

You get paid Net 30 basis meaning you get paid 30 days after the previous month of installs. Payments are sent via wire transfer, check, or PayPal.

3.PerInstallCash PerInstallCash

PerInstallCash is a new generation of Pay-Per-Install affiliate program. You as webmaster can offer your surfers their free software products and get paid on every install they make.easy to make more money in this site 

Turn your website into money making machine! You will be making up to $90 for every 100 installations of their programs made by unique users.

Software products are 100% legal, clean and safe for your users. No spyware or malware installed. Installations are accepted from more than 30 countries.

Per Install Cash provide large selection of promo tools - banners, FPAs, popups, etc. Select any tool suitable for your traffic. With GotCLIP Downloader you can monetize movie traffic and with GinoPlayer you will be rich if you have any MP3 traffic.

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