Love is what you want. Love is what you need. Love is impossibly imperfect. There are endless answers to this question. No one can actually define what love is because everybody has their different experience of love.

Love does not work like feelings; it does not come and go; it stays and commit to stay through the good and bad. Love has existed through ages. It has always been here; you can even read best biblical history books or famous play like Romeo and Juliet. But there are some myths about love and these are the main reasons why people stopped believing in love.

Myth 1: True loves conquers all
People believe that as long as you are in love, you can easily get through anything that comes around you. this belief prevents you from dealing the real relationship problems because they think everything will get sort out on its own.

Truth: you need to make any relationship work. Romance is not enough to make everything work. Sometimes you have to think from your head instead of thinking from your heart. The things that will get you through the tough time are compatibility and commitment that you and your partner share with each other.

Myth 2: You’ll find love at first sight
True love doesn’t happen at first sight. At first sight you get attracted to someone so do not confuse love with attraction. You might end up with the wrong person and regret for the rest of your relationship. You may also miss the chance to feel the real love

Truth: you will get to know your true love after time has passed. You cannot know someone at first glance. It takes time to know someone better. You have to see both the good and bad side of your partner and same should be the case with your partner, she has to know your good and bad side too.

Myth 3: A perfect partner will fulfill you
There are two dangerous things that are associated with this belief. One “the perfect partner”, there is no one who is perfect in this world. Everybody has some flaws and you cannot find anyone perfect. Every person has a good side and bad side. There will be days when you will get to see the good side of your partner and on some days, you will get to see their bad side. Even the stories like Biblical love stories, Romeo Juliet etc. They were not perfect either.

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