UK construction industry is booming gradually. The high rise and skyscrapers building are all around under construction. The industry has urban based roots to develop the country for attraction. The repairing is also part of this industry. Mainly construction industry are divided in three sub branches.

      Heavy construction: The construction of bridges, road, tunnel, dams and railway network.
      General construction: It involves the construction of commercial and residential estate.
3     Construction project: The specialize project that involve building up electric related work, work on woods.

In UK construction industry, specialization of a person is required to deal in different areas and they strictly follow. The contractor must have acquired in any one of the above mentioned categories to bid for a contract. Generally, residential homes don’t have bidding process so it’s not mandatory for them have specialization.

Other industries benefit

The best part about the construction industry is, that it benefits multiple industry bringing employment and revenue in the country. It’s believed that around 40 industries directly benefit from construction industries and over 90 indirectly benefits. List of the few are below:

  • 1      Cement industry
  • 2      Contractor and Labor force
  • 3      Paint industry
  • 4      Timber industry
  • 5      Metal industry
  • 6      Consultancy firms
  • 7      Project Management firms

Top five ongoing construction projects in UK

1    Flood Alleviation Scheme in Leeds: World’s largest flood risking scheme that created a lot of jobs in Leeds. The innovative technology used to avoid risking flood will shape up the state of the art project. The movable weirs will help reducing water level and immediate flood threat. The first phase is completed and two phases of the project are in planning stages.

2    Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme: The project is up gradation of 34 km A14 approximately. The plan includes construction of new roads and bridges and rerouting 100km of pipes and utility cables. It’s a high way project but it has given a boost to the employment in the area.

      Google UK Headquarter: The state of the art building of tech giant Google kicked off in 2018. The building will be 11 floor making it a landscaper. The rooftop will have a running track, Olympic pool. Basketball court and restaurants for the employees. The building will have Heather wick studio (the famous Britain designer). Around 7000 employees will work in.

4    Birmingham’s City Plan: It’s a 20 year master plan that will transform the city into a world class tourist spot. Creation of investment opportunities for the local and foreigners. The project is expected to complete in 2031. Imagine the amount of workforce will be required for the project and the industries that will benefit from it. The scheme has 5000 new houses on cards to facilitate people to purchase the residence in the aesthetic designed city.

Crossrail: The project was started in 2009 and due to complete in 2020. It’s a rail network project which includes construction of 42km underground rail tunnel. 10 new stations will be built and 30 will be renovated. The project opened thousands of engineers to avail opportunities and over 600 students since 2012 have done internship

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