Being one of the biggest CMSs in the world, WordPress ensures that all the security checks are marked. Though this brilliant platform does everything to keep it less prone to vulnerabilities and hacking, there are a few loopholes that just couldn't be woven without additional security plugins no matter how good the previous version is of a platform. Various security measures have to be taken by website owners to make sure their WordPress website is hack-proof to prevent any kind of spam. Otherwise, there can be serious consequences, which can damage a complete website and throw a business into the woodshed. 

Here are a couple of plugins to overcome security challenges that a website owner can use:

An easy-to-use, well-supported, stable and comprehensive WordPress plugin, All In One WP Security and Firewall plugin enforces good security practices on your WordPress website. This plugin helps in reducing the security challenges of a website by checking for vulnerabilities, and by enforcing and implementing the updated techniques and practices of WordPress security. Below are the features offered by this plugin--

  • Password strength tool to create a robust password for your website.
  • Detect if you have a default "admin" username, and change it to something of your choice.
  • Login Lockdown feature to protect against any force login attacks.
  • Logout all the users forcefully after a certain period configured with your consent.
  • You can specify one or more specific IP address as whitelisting.
2) BulletProof Security
As the name suggests, this particular plugin is helpful to overcome security challenges of a WordPress website. It offers a malware scanner, Database Backup, Firewall, Anti-Spam features, Login Security, and much more. It also offers a premium version, which contains extra features to bulletproof the security of websites from any possible attacks. Here is the list of features provided by BulletProof Security

  • Login security & monitoring, idle session logout, hidden plugin folders, and more.
  • Partial and full manual and scheduled backups of your database while offering Database Table prefix changer as well.
  • HTTP error and security logging along with backend and front-end maintenance mode.
3) WordFence Security
Wordfence is a featured-pack plugin that includes a malware scanner and an endpoint firewall to provide utmost security to a website. It is an ideal choice for plugins to overcome security challenges on a WordPress website. The firewall of this plugin identifies and blocks any kind of malicious traffic arriving on your website. Its premium version offers a real-time IP blacklist, which helps website owners to block all requests from blacklisted IP addresses. Also, it protects your site at the endpoint so that encryption can't be broken and shouldn't be bypassed.

In addition, its security scanner checks core files, plugins, themes for any kind of malware like SEO spam, backdoors, blackhat SEO, code injections, and malicious redirects. You can even repair the files that are damaged or have overwritten with an original version. As soon as there is a threat to your website, you are informed right away.

4) VaultPress
Designed by Automattic, Vaultpress is a security plugin built to protect a website against malware, host outages, hackers and accidental damages. If you have accidentally lost your files and you have this plugin installed on your website, you can easily restore the original version quickly. Backups are pretty easy too!

5) iThemes Security
Formerly known as Better WP security, iThemes Security plugin offers more than thirty ways to protect your website from any attacks. This plugin has been built and supported by BackupBuddy since its inception. Here is a list of features offered by iTheme Security plugin:
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure your website is logged in by an authorized user.
  • Updating your WordPress keys is easier with this plugin.
  • Automatic scan of your website for malware. As soon as an issue is detected, you are sent an email.
  • Offers a time-span for a particular password, after which it gets expired, thus forcing users to change their password after regular intervals.
  • If a user is editing the content, iThemes security plugin tracks the activity, login, and logout.
  • It offers security from brute force attacks by banning users and hosts who have tried too many false attempts to log in to a website.
  • Site-scan feature to detect all kinds of vulnerabilities existing in a website.
6) Jetpack
This plugin is a combination of design, marketing, and security. Not only you can secure your websites from all possible attacks, but also design hundreds of professional themes for any kind of site and measure, promote and earn moment. Without going into the marketing and designing services offered by Jetpack, let us take a look at the security services offered:
  • Downtime monitoring of a website, filtering the spam content, and protecting brute force attacks are some key services of Jetpack.
  • A user can take daily or real-time backups of his/her website.
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure no bot can break in.
  • Offers code and malware scanning and resolutions for any automated threat.
  • Round the clock support from WordPress experts are available all the time for any doubts.
7) WP Antivirus Site Protection
With a deep scan of every file on your website, this plugin offers a complete security solution for digital stores on WordPress platform. From brute-force protection to daily cron feature and heuristic logic feature, WP Antivirus Site Protection plugin intelligently index your website to analyses all loopholes that may exist.

On an average, more than 30,000 websites are hacked every day, which makes it important for every website owner to secure the website. If you are using a static website, convert HTML website to WordPress for better security. Nonetheless, most admins do not know they are vulnerable, which is why they should make use of these plugins to fix common holes in order to stop automated attacks and strengthen the password and username. Prevention is always better than cure!

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