Proven Tips to help you succeed at Blogging 

Blogs are the newspapers and books of the future. With more and more people reading on the internet, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of blogs. Whether its food, education, fashion, or even pets, you have a blog for it. 
If done correctly, blogging can help you gain a significant following on the internet, which you can then use to bring in brand endorsements. For businesses too, a blog can be a way to reach existing and new customers. In fact blogging is now considered a new age marketing strategy.
Here are a few dos and don’ts to be followed while blogging. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or have just thought about starting your own blog, this article will definitely help you have a successful blogging career. 

1. Have a Catchy Title

A great title is what attracts readers to articles on the net. Since there are thousands of articles out there, yours must stand out with an interesting title. People should want to read on more after seeing the title. 

2. Be Concise 

This is the golden rule. No one has time to read pages after pages. If your blog posts are excessively long, chances are that people get bored halfway. Divide content into small paragraphs and have proper subheadings. Make sure that you cut to the chase and you’re your article short and crisp. Keep it simple, silly. 

3. Connect with your readers

Be careful of your tone; you should not come across as narcissistic or condescending. Connect with your readers at a personal level. If your blog is for students, write from the point of view of a student itself. More people read when they connect with the author.

4. Use Keywords for SEO

This is a useful tip for publicity. Incorporate commonly used search terms and keywords into your article. This will make sure that your web page comes up when people search with those keywords in any search engine. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).

5. Have relevant pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words. Including great pictures in your posts makes them more attractive. You can include comic strips and caricatures as well. Be sure to attribute images to their original sources, though. Having eye-catching images makes your posts more likely to be noticed and read.

6. Add some value

Make sure that your readers take away something after reading your blog posts. If there is no value addition, people may treat it as a medium of passing time. They may not read your blog regularly, and you would lose your value as a blogger. 

8. Be Interactive

For your blog to be successful, you need the publicity. This is best achieved by readers liking your posts and sharing them on social media. Appeal to them and encourage them to do so. Furthermore, make them feel like their opinion counts. Ask them to leave feedback in the form of comments at the end. Make a point to reply to each comment. This increases activity on your blog.

9. Be Regular

This is very important. You have to constantly post new stuff and keep your readers engaged. If your blog has long gaps between two posts, people lose interest. Your blog is forgotten, and that’s the last thing you want. Always remember that there are a million blogs out there ready to take you over in case you’re inactive.

10. Proactively read other blogs

To be a successful blogger, you must be a good blog reader as well. Constantly read other blogs and compare them to yours. Identify some popular blogs and find out how you can get your posts on par with theirs. You can also follow well-known blogs and interact with them through comments. This puts you on the social map of the web. If you can get a celebrity or a reputed blogger to follow your blog, it attracts a lot of readers as well.

11. Use Analytics

Analytics are the most important tools when it comes to successful blogging. They provide you with all sorts of information like your traffic sources, most read articles, the groups which are liking your posts the most and so on. You can also identify the ideal time to post new content so that it reaches the maximum amount of people. Use analytics effectively to improve your blog.

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