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In December, Microsoft announced  new version of Outlook for iOS and a preview of Outlook for Android, Both apps will work in sync with Office 365, Outlook.com, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and other major email services.

Now you can use microsoft outlook android,iOS

While most users access email on their smartphones, complicated tasks such as sorting through piles of email, sharing files, and organizing schedules are put aside until a PC is available. Microsoft's goal is to provide core email productivity tools in a format that is easily usable on smartphones so consumers can better manage their messages throughout the day.

New versions of Outlook Features

New versions of Outlook integrate the calendar within the app to facilitate scheduling and direct access to meeting details and attendees. The calendar lends itself to on-the-go planning with a "Send Availability" feature that helps find available meeting times within emails and create meeting invitations.

It's designed to work across phones and tablets on both platforms, larger devices will benefit from additional capabilities like a week-in-view calendar, access to file previews, and a two-paneled email list.

The apps are going live in the iOS App store and Google Play stores today and will provide a high quality email experience along with traditional Outlook features.

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These apps, along with Android Office apps being finalized today too, are all about Microsoft making sure it has its products where customers are consuming content. With the company no longer saying that Windows will be first, as noted by the fact that both iOS and Android now have touch versions of Office available while the Windows version is still in development, it lets consumers choose the device that works best for them and still allows them access to Microsoft software.

The latest versions of Outlook arrive shortly after Microsoft's acquisition of Acompli, a cross-platform email startup with an app that provides new ways of organizing inboxes, handling attachments and files, and scheduling meetings.

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The new app separates email into two tabs entitled "Focused" and "Other" to help users prioritize important emails and handle message overload. The app learns more about the user based on what goes into the Focused pile and tailors preferences accordingly. Swiping left or right can delete, flag, archive, or move emails. Its "Schedule Email" feature temporarily eliminates certain emails that can be scheduled to deliver later.

Outlook for iOS and Android is designed to be familiar to users of both platforms. iOS devices will display familiar icons and symbols for creating new messages; the Android display will include a Navigation Drawer for various tools within the app and settings available in the App Overflow menu.

Although the app can pull e-mail from Exchange, Google, iCloud, Outlook.com and Yahoo accounts, it lacks IMAP support (though it's "coming soon," according to Microsoft).

You can grab the Microsoft Outlook Preview app for Android or iOS here.

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