Recently Samsung launched its first Tizen powered smartphone. The Samsung Z1 was announced in India and is currently only being sold in that country. This smartphone is targeted at first-time smartphone buyers in India. Samsung has not said if it has any plans of introducing the smartphone in Western countries, the Z1 seems to be limited to Asian countries for now. However the company has confirmed that it is going to manufacture the Samsung Z1 at its facility in India.

First Tizen powered smartphone in Samsung

Will Samsung to make the Tizen Z1 in India !
 Tizen Z1 

Will Samsung to make the Tizen Z1 in India !

Samsung India Vice President Marketing (Mobile and IT) Asim Warsi said

" Z1 is going to be manufactured at the company’s Noida plant based in UP. This facility has the capacity to produce four million units per month and can be used to manufacture both high-end and affordable devices"

Warsi has also revealed that Samsung is going to launch the Z1 in Bangladesh soon. Touching on recent reports about this smartphone not exciting the Indian market, Warsi said that Samsung Z1 sales have “surpassed all expectations.”

The $92 (Rs 5,700) Z1 phone is targeted at a huge population of 800 million people who have yet to upgrade to a smartphone, so capturing a chunk of this market could be pivotal for the company. The excitement is doubly so because Samsung, despite its blue-chip brand and superb high-end phones, has been losing out to homegrown rivals such as Micromax and Karbonn, which have dominated the lower end of the market. Consequently, Samsung's India share has dipped, according to research firm IDC, from 35 percent in Q1 '14 to 29 percent in Q2 '14. Its global profits have also taken a big hit.

Some reasons for this have been market saturation, lower average selling price as the company has shifted focus to lower-end devices, and fierce new competitors in important markets such as Xiaomi. Now, it is hoped that a low-end phone for the masses, a space that Samsung has never really played in, will bolster its position in a vital market such as India and boost its global fortunes.

The other big story is that success in manufacturing the Z1 in India for sale -- apart from saving big costs in supply chain and time to market -- will also be a huge boost to the fortunes of Tizen, Samsung's OS that was developed along with Huawei Technologies and Intel. According to Nomura's CW Chung, Android provides a major hit on the Korean major's margins. There is also the hard-to-ignore fact that out of the 60 million TVs being sold this year by Samsung, 30 million of them will be powered by Tizen, and the India Z1 plan will undoubtedly help the company in its efforts to spread the Tizen gospel and aid in the creation of a Tizen ecosystem.

But it's not going to be easy. One indisputable fact is that the Z1's launch has been aborted a number of times in other markets, according to The Economic Times -- specifically, in Japan, France, and Russia. Then, there are recent reviews that suggest the phone is not up to snuff, at least with regard to the competition it faces. IDC analyst Karan Thakkar said that the Z1 may be cheap when it comes to price, but for a few dollars extra, a shopper could get a whole lot more.

"It's not always about the cheapest; customers are looking for specs...

Special features

“We have customized the Samsung Z1 to meet these unique, entertainment-focused needs of local Indian consumers for a personal and reliable mobile experience."

Ultimate Entertainment Content

​Samsung sets a new standard in the mobile entertainment space by providing users with a wide range of free content spanning across categories such as music, movies, videos, mobile TV and radio. Samsung will launch a free package called ‘Joy Box’, giving users access to music, TV and movies. In addition, the Samsung Z1 will offer consumers free access to premium content available on Club Samsung. Users can stream and download from over 270,000 songs, and watch over 80 live TV channels.

​For music lovers, Samsung has partnered with to deliver a wider selection of music streaming and downloading. Over two million Bollywood and English songs can be accessed for free for a period of three months. Samsung has additionally partnered with mobile Live TV service nexGTv and Box TV, bundled for three month, allowing consumers to watch their favourite TV shows and enjoy over 7000 Bollywood and Hollywood movies. All this access to content and services is worth around INR 1,750/- a year.

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​Send Help Message + Location Information

​The Samsung Z1 is not just a smartphone for entertainment. It is equipped with features that enable users to quickly reach out for assistance in any emergency situation. The SOS alert is quick and simple to use – with just a press of the power button four times, the Samsung Z1 will send out ‘Help’ message to the user’s primary contacts and track the user’s location to provide necessary assistance.


​Samsung strongly believes that security must be one step ahead in smartphones, and continues to address today’s increasingly complex security challenges. The built-in AntiVirus protection on Samsung Z1 automatically checks for any viruses when users install an app, check email or receive an SMS. Text messages will also be checked for any sort of virus, smishing, phishing, and even pharming. If something is detected, AntiVirus notifies users that virus has been detected and allows them to delete the message without opening it. For enhanced security measures, consumers can also utilize Samsung Z1’s private mode to create their own private space where pictures and files can be saved.

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​Price and Availability

​The Samsung Z1 is priced at INR 5,700/- and will be available in India from January 14th in White, Black and Wine Red.

​The Samsung Z1 customers can access the wonderful world of Internet, Apps and Social Networking on the 3G networks of Reliance Communications & Aircel. Users will get up to 500MB of 3G data free every month over a 6 month period allowing them to download & surf at will; thus make the fullest use of their Smartphone. With up to 3 GB of data over a 6 month period, Samsung has ensured tremendous & relevant value in the hands of the Samsung Z1 customer

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