Look At Online Estimation Tools?

Evaluating the current worth of your website, can give you an idea as to how well you are doing on the internet. It may also be beneficial to webmasters who are planning to sell their websites and want to get an idea of what price to quote and what to expect from it. Per se, the website and domain name are 2 separate entities. You may have a premium domain name with a generic word, like business.com or jobs.co, but the website with its content maybe worth much more than just the plain domain name.

This article explains the factors that go into calculating the value of the website and how you could probably enhance it. The article assumes that you are planning to sell your domain name along with the content on an 'as is where is' basis.

How Much Will You Buy My Website For? A Look At Online Estimation Tools

Domain Name

The domain name plays a key role in determining the amount you can demand. If you had bought a premium domain name from an auction or through an agent, that name may have a higher value than any other ordinary name. It may so happen that when you bought the domain name, it had no specific significance, but over a period of time, due to some upcoming brand names or trade names, the value of the name has increased manifold. Eg: The domain name of appleaccessories.com may have been bought much before Apple Inc. became famous. The owner of the domain appleaccessories.com may make a windfall gain due to the Apple brand name becoming famous.

The age of the domain name also plays an important role, as it establishes the longevity of the business or firm owning the domain name.

Brand Value

If you have built up a brand image for an existing website, then selling the website with the domain name and all the content on it, may fetch you a fortune. Competitors may buy you over, if you have a well established online presence and have put in effort to put quality content on your website.

Page Rank and Keyword Rankings

Google's Page Rank and Ranking tools like Alexa also boost the valuation of your website because they imply that your website has reached a certain level of trust and quality, based on user experience. Google and Alexa rankings can't really be bought or manipulated and they are slow moving values which gather data over time and rank your site based on their own parameters. Trying to buy popularity or a high Google PR can lead you to be penalized and your site banned from being listed.

Reputation and Accreditation

If you have signed up with services like Web of Trust or TrustE, it might enhance the value of your website. These sites give a sort of assurance of Trustworthiness to the visitors, that your website has safe and secure content. This increases the monetary valuation of your site, since it will indirectly affect the visitor ratings.

Prominent Backlinks

If you have received back links from Wikipedia, About.com or other reputed websites, your site will fetch a higher value. This shows that your site has genuine content and has contributed content to internet users through trusted websites.

In conclusion, its a good idea to try out many online evaluation tools, but take all their ratings with a pinch of salt. The value of your website maybe significantly higher or lower, based on several external or offline factors, which you may not be able to perceive. Though, if you are clueless where to start from, just do a quick Google search for website valuation services.

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