Features That Can Help You Make The Switch

A couple of decades back, most literate adults used to maintain a daily diary. The diary contained daily entries of personal information or top secret information usually known only to the author. It was a way of thinking aloud. The author knew that his / her diary is going to be read some day, but
pretended that the entries were private and invisible to others. It was probably like talking to ones self and feeling good about those moments.

Can A Wordpress Blog Replace Your Daily Diary? Features That Can Help You Make The Switch

With the advent of email, the physical diary soon turned into email exchanges with ones self. however, this did not fulfill the publicity aspect of the diary entries. No one would be able to secretly peep into the emails or know about the entries unless they had the password. It was way too secure to be a substitute for the diary. The diary had to have an element of secrecy, yet it had to be secretly readable. In came the blog.

Protect your posts

Blogging platforms like Wordpress allow you to keep certain posts password protects, while making general posts public. You can assign a separate password to your private posts and give each post a different password. Only those with the password will be able to view your secret posts. This allows you to share a secret with a special someone, while preventing others from knowing it.

Allow others to comment or post

The Wordpress blog system is like a Daily Diary on steroids. It allows the readers to give their two pence worth of advice or comment on the diary entries that you have made. You can filter out comments or ban a user from making unnecessary comments on your blog. You can also allow a guest entry into your daily diary by giving a special username and password to the other author.

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Schedule an entry

If you are travelling and won't be able to make that "Merry Christmas" entry on 25th December, don't worry. You can schedule a post to get published exactly on 25th December at 12 in the night automatically. This is a unique way of sharing your diary entries with the readers in advance.

Make entries through email

Wordpress allows you to make diary entries by sending out a simple email with the text of the entry. You need to send out the email to a secret email address which is randomly generated by Wordpress. The Subject of the email becomes the Title of the entry, the body of the email becomes the main content of the entry. This allows you to quickly make entries in your diary while on the go. You dont even need an app or a special software on your computer to make the entry. This allows you to micro-record every significant event in your life.

Wordpress has many more features to guard your open secrets. Not only are these options all free, they are available with a one-click install too. Get your own daily diary and share your secrets with the world.

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