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You should take into account the diversification factor as it gives you more ways to reach your target audience.

social media marketing
social media marketing

Think Beyond Facebook 

There are no doubt a good percentage of people on Facebook and it can benefit you to some extent. But Facebook only favors those posts which are from actual friends. This makes it harder for you to develop solid foundations for your business. It does not mean you should totally ignore Facebook but making it your marketing hub is not beneficial. You can explore many other social networks for the promotion of your business. See what other famous companies are doing on Instagram, Vine and Pinterest.

Focus on Goals

Defining your goals is very necessary to obtain required results. You have to find out what you exactly want at the end. Your goal may be to drive traffic to your blog you may want to create awareness among your visitors or you may want to collect user generated content. Whatever your goal is it will definitely become your driving force.

All social networks including Facebook are like rented lands so it's better to focus on your own website on which you do have control. So it is better to centralize your campaigns on a hub and then you can use different social networks as outposts.

Collect Valuable Information and Data

Promotion of your business on Facebook helps you in bringing lot of attention and engagements. A well-run Facebook promotion always plays its role in boosting your business. After the completion of any campaign you get valuable information about your visitors which can be used for future marketing. From your Facebook following you can target other audience online. The power of a Facebook promotion can be taken to elsewhere on the web and can be utilized in drawing more traffic to your product. This would also helpful for your audience as they don't have to visit your facebook page to get information about your product or service.

To collect data from your visitors following steps should be taken.

Plan any campaign and run it on the web. Third-party software can be used for this purpose.

Don't run after increasing your Facebook fans. If you have exciting things to offer and you are giving fair chance to everyone to participate in the contest, you will be able to make valuable fans. You need fans that follow your page just to enter the contest and unlike it when the contest is over. Such fan following will not benefit you in future.

When you place your campaign on the web use single URL. You can use this URL to promote your campaign on social networks like Facebook, Twiiter, Google+, Pinterest and your own website.

Whether you have collected data in the form of E-mails, opinions or geographic information from your fans, make sure to market your product to these people further once the campaign is over.

Watch out for Number of Visitors

A survey was conducted in which it was found that only 3 percent of the fans visit a page timeline per month.

This simply depicts that 97 percent of the fans are relying on the newsfeed. So this is the big reason you are off-linking to your campaigns. You can be successful on social media by simply discovering those keys which your business needs to be successful.

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