How to Start Blog From Blogger

If you need start a blog must you have a gmail account thats only enough to create a your's own blog with your's own style.....

Sign In

 Goto Blogger Site .

 You Can see the Login Page Like This

How to Start Blog From Blogger

Enter Your Gmail Id  and Password

click sign in

Creating a Blog

After Sign in to Your Account

You can see New window Like this  ..,...  Click New blog

How to Start Blog From Blogger


Then One Popup Window are Open

How to Start Blog From Blogger

Choose Your Blog Title And Blog URL address then choose Free Blogger Template.

after choosing template Click Create Blog

then a new page open like this

How to Start Blog From Blogger

Yes Now you can created a new own blog

dont wait start posting your own way

After successfully creating a blog you need to Made Lot Of Changes for [ User and SEO ]  In To Your blog 

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The following post Clearly explain about How to setup a custom Domain for you blog in Blogger

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Bloggers should know about How to Write a Best Post
Like to learn that click it above

Seo Optimization for Blog

How To Show Post Title Only On Home page

How to optimize blogger post titles
How to setup a blogger link to open in a new tab
Every blogger should know about the Google Analytics
How to Get More Traffic for Every Blog Post     
And Some Tips For New blog
1. Use Meta tags 
2.use Best Keywords From Keyword research Share 
3.Your Posts through Social Media's
4.Build Best Backlinks
5.Submit All search Engines and Directory's
6.Start Commenting to others Blogs 

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