How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

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How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

In the event that you've chosen that Wordpress is the platform for you, you'll firstly need to go to and sign-up 

How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

with a couple of essential subtle elements. When you've entered your contact points of interest, you can pick a name for your site. Don't stress excessively over picking your name as you can redirect the site to an alternate URL at a later date. 

This is additionally the time when you can select either a free or updated bundle; for a first time client, free is likely the best alternative until you're truly prepared to launch your site.

Goto Admin Panel

http:// your Blog Name here

How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

When you're logged into your blog, you're displayed with the dashboard that demonstrates to you key facts and characteristics of your site. You can commonly be gotten to by adding your online journal URL with the postfix  wp-admin. 

When you're in, you will see a left hand menu bar that gives you a chance to get to key characteristics, for example, your posts and the appearance of your pages. Take eventually to investigate these alternatives and acquaint yourself with where everything sits.

Choose a Theme

WordPress Themes allow you to quickly overhaul the design of your site and ensures that you can have a professional and attractive looking site without any knowledge of HTML or CSS.
How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

You can switch between themes whenever you like without losing contentor running in to formatting issues. There are a number of free themes available, so you can experiment until you find the perfect one, though there are also a number of premium options are Available to Get
If you do have some programming skills, you can generally modify these themes, but be aware that you may need some knowledge of PHP.

Get Some Plugins 

[ note Plugin Feature Are not working in free Plan but you Can use that your Own host blog and paid hosting eg: hostgator and free hosting eg : 000webhost]

How to Create a Blogs in Wordpress

While the core of site will be very simple in nature, the rich variety of plugins will allow you to extend the functionality and customize your site to your specifications. Some allow you to integrate with social media, while others are for navigation and “widgets” that give you new content and features.
The free WordPress SEO plugin, which optimizes your content and helps you to rank better and be found more easily on search engines, comes highly recommended.

Create Pages

Pages allow you to create separate sections with different content about your site

For example

Homepage: A greeting page which obviously states who you are, what administrations you offer, and where you are spotted 

Contact Details: Including your email location, telephone number, road location subtle elements, and connections to any online networking profiles 

Faqs: Frequently Asked Questions about yourself, your business, and the region you work in 

Features: You may need to make short features advertising your business

Privacy policy : Tell  About Your business blog or blog policies to visitors 

Make Changer For Mobile View

Whichever theme you pick, try to make sure that your site will render correctly on smartphones and tablets. In many cases, this will be taken care of, but if not, there are a number of plugins that you can install to make your site mobile-friendly. WPtouch is free  and delivers a fast, user-friendly version of your site to your mobile visitors without having to modify any code or change the desktop appearance.

Get Your Own Personalized Domain

After You can get Your Own Domain Easily Setup blog to Your Domain Name 

Here Some Features Of Wordpress 

Plug-Ins - Most themes give the user pretty much unlimited control over customisation. And if there’s anything missing that you need, the chances are there’s a plug-in ready and waiting for you to find. These little bundles of software are easy to install, often free-of-charge, and give your site incredible functionality. They cover anything and everything from SEO enhancements to adding a Flickr stream to your homepage.
Social - Speaking of Flickr, WordPress integrates very well with social media, an essential for virtually all brands with an online presence nowadays. Blog posts written on WordPress sites can use their Publicize service to automatically update any linked social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
SEO - WordPress is very SEO-friendly right from the word go, but as soon as you start playing around with your theme, adding plug-ins, changing coding, things can go awry with search engines quite quickly. Luckily you can find a plug-in to manage all your SEO for you! Many are totally free, because although not totally comprehensive, this will save you a huge amount of time.
Availability - You can edit your WordPress site from any computer around the world so long as you can get online. This is probably one of the main reasons there are so many travel bloggers nowadays

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