WordPress 3.9 Release date , New Features And More

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WordPress is a widely used CMS and it has awesome features. Many professional bloggers and companies are using wordpress as there backbone system for web design and data handling. 

Today we are here to announce new modifications in wordpress core and we will inform you about the latest release that is wordpress 3.9 beta 1.

Today wordpress released wordpress 3.9 beta 1 for testing, although it is not a stable version but still it is available for developers and bloggers to download and test.

 WordPress team is working hard to make it state of the art CMS so in wordpress 3.9 they are targeting many awesome features and making it more user friendly. WordPress is already very much SEO friendly, if you are using it you will agree with me that you have to work very less to rank your posts and keywords using wordpress .

 We are looking forward and following wordpress 3.9 at daily basis, so stay tuned with us we will inform you about each and every feature that is included in latest wordpress 3.9 release.

 Most of the developers are looking forward for a cleaning system in this latest release, as you know wordpress has no built in system to handle temporary files that are created in database by plugins. So wordpress should include a handy cleaning system that can clean your wordpress installation from these extra junk data. 

We have heard that they gonna include a custom widget system, by this you will be able to edit any widget of your wordpress. This new custom widgitization is a cool feature of wordpress 3.9 and it looks very attractive too. wordpress versioning is improving day by day and it is very good.

WordPress 3.9 Project Schedule

January 15, 2014
Initial 3.9 meeting. Trunk is open for business.
January 29, 2014 Decision time for features being developed as a plugin. Merge window opens for any blessed for 3.9.
February 12, 2014
February 19, 2014 Feature plugin merge window closes.
February 26, 2014
March 5, 2014 Beta 1.
March 12, 2014 Beta 2.
March 19, 2014 Beta 3.
March 26, 2014 Release candidate. (More release candidates as necessary.)
Week of April 14 Target date for release of WordPress 3.9.
wordpress 3.9 project schedule table credits wordpress.org

In above table you can see some dates are doubled, it is because these dates are re-scheduled. some features got more time as they expected to take. 

So these dates are transfered to new dates as shown in the table above. With respect to this schedule we will get a stable release of this latest wordpress 3.9 version in first week of April 2014. 

This time they have provided us a beta 1 release to test it and wordpress team will love your feedback, download this release use it and give them feedback to get a version as per your custom requirements.

 This is the main advantage of an open source CMS, ever one has right to speak, even you can speak and say them hey this feature is insane and this feature is admirable so be real and honest and give wordpress a constructive feedback.

 New Features in WordPress 3.9

Here are new features that will be included in this latest release of wordpress.

1. Widget Customizer

WordPress 3.9 Release date

Wordpress 3.9 Release date, Features and Much More

widget customizer is a unique addition in wordpress 3.9, it will allow to edit any widget as per your requirements, this is very much similar to theme customization. you will get access to customize your widgets directly from your wordpress dashboard, no coding skills required.

 I hope you are feeling good as i know many of wordpress users feel a pain while customizing widgets as they have to dive into a series of codes. Shaun Andrew the head of core team says this feature will be included in wordpress 3.9 so lets wait for the best.

2.TinyMCE Improvements

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Wordpress 3.9 Release date, Features and Much More

TinyMCE 4 will be included in the core of wordpress 3.9 release. It is very handy plugin and almost every wordpress user use it. WordPress core team is now working very hard to make wordpress as you like, you will not have to do custom stuff mean you will not have to install a dozen of plugin to use wordpress, wordpress 3.9 will include these all by birth

3. Better Widgets

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Wordpress 3.9 Release date, Features and Much More

Shaun Andrew confirmed that better widgets will be included in wordpress 3.9 core. This plugin is very useful to flip the widget area around moving the sidebar area to the main screen and the widgets lists to the left hand side giving more focus on the sidebar areas. The site having bunch of sidebars will look more awesome now.

4. Upgraded Media Handling

wordpress 3.9 will come up with an improved media handler, in this new media handler you will not have to hit add media button to add an image to your post. To add an image to post just drag and drop an image in post editing area and it will be added in the post. This feature will relax you in adding media images. Also images editor could be moved into media manager in this latest release.

5. Enhanced Audio Video Support

WordPress 3.9 gonna rock in audio video section too, for this Scott Taylor a leading musician and software engineer at New York Times is leading the work on audio/ video features in wordpress 3.9 he has code name “Disco Fries”. This feature will include meta data for audio and video in wordpress posts that will enhance SEO for rich media.

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