Attracting organic traffic to your site is what will help to establish your company or brand as an authority in the market. It can help to place your company in the enviable position of having a positive online reputation. In order to get increased referrals for your business, you need strong search engine rankings and for this, you should get great article content.


For the content to be effective and search optimized, it needs to have useful information and the right keywords through effective keyword research. To ensure that your content is SEO friendly, you can follow some simple tips.


Make sure that your articles have catchy titles. These are titles that grab the attention of the readers and make them want to learn more. The title will determine whether or not, the article gets readership. It acts as an introduction to an interesting topic. No matter what the content is, the title can either sell the article or make readers lose interest.


Having interesting content will make the readers keep on reading long after they have seen the title. Readers will not continue reading an article that is not offering any interesting information. The article must be well written with good grammar and vocabulary.

The readers must understand what the article is about, and they must get the answers they are seeking. If your title promises to give certain information, make sure that you follow through.

Information On Keyword

It is important to research the keyword before you start writing the article. This will allow you to get as much information as possible. The idea is to give your readers something that they are not getting elsewhere.
Many tools can help you to research on everything about the keyword, as well as the niche it falls under. A vital piece of information can make a big difference in the traffic you attract. If people can learn something new, your site will quickly become the point of authority. You need to find information about the competing sites, the results appearing in the search engine and the number of searches that are carried out each month.

Keyword Density

One of the biggest mistakes that content writers make is to overuse the keywords. This practice of keyword stuffing is seen by some as a way to ensure that the site is visible but this is definitely wrong after Google’s recent algorithm changes. Apart from being irresponsible, the site can easily lose its ranking. It also risks being de-listed by search engines that are discouraging this type of practice. The content is also compromised when you keep repeating the words, and it becomes difficult to read. Readers lose interest in a site that appears amateurish and this is what keyword stuffing achieves.

Article Length

It is very important to consider the length of the article before you start writing. The ideal length for articles and web copy submitted to directories should be between 300 and 1000 words. The length is determined by the topic and the keyword.

Blog posts can be shorter than that because they are often opinion pieces. When readers are looking for information, they want informative but brief articles. If an article is too long, they are more likely to skim rather than read it.


Images can help to enhance a site making it more attractive to readers. It is important to make sure that you use images that are relevant to the content. The readers should be able to get an idea of what the content is about by simply glancing at the images. A number of search tools can allow you to access interesting images that are free. This will help to ensure that you avoid copyright infringement.

Resource Box

When writing web articles, it is important to create professional and appealing resource boxes. The boxes need to be different in order to get frequent clicks. If you do not have the skills to create attractive boxes, you can use the readily available templates. A good writer should be able to anticipate any questions the readers may have, and should offer the solutions.
When writing articles, it is important to remember that the content has the potential to reach a very wide audience, no matter what the subject is. A well-written copy will enhance the business profile of the company and this has numerous benefits in time to come.

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