How social media marketing helps your business ?

how to do social media marketing
how to do social media marketing

The evolution of diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has forced the businesses to revise their online marketing efforts for boosting their business share to a significant level. It has also proven to be an invaluable tool for gathering the unbiased and raw feedback of the customers.

The effective use of the power and fame of social media platforms helps in promoting your business to a wider spectrum of audience. 

However, determining what social media truly means and how effective social media marketing strategies help in increasing your online brand awareness, needs a proper understanding of the techniques involved in spreading your online existence among your target audience.

Focus Your Requirement's

If you are new to social media marketing, you might think that posting a few blog posts regularly, random status updates and a good number of "likes" and "followers" are going to boost your business growth majestically. 

However, the fact is that the complete business growth through social media marketing requires dedication and real planning.

Professional social media marketers know that to harness the complete power of social media, it is important to include a perfect blend of:

• Sharing your relevant message
• Listening to your audience
• Enabling others for sharing your messages

But what are these relevant messages and how sharing these message helps in boosting our website revenue? 

These relevant messages are nothing but the content, which has grown in significance in the last few years owing to the changes introduced by Google in its search engine algorithm.

For successful and fruitful social media marketing, high quality and compelling content should be shared on behalf of your company and its services.

 Great content gets audiences to share and this sharing helps in expanding your audience range to a complete new world of potential friends, fans and customers.

If you own a large business, or you are a lone entrepreneur, social media marketing could be the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tool in your arsenal for developing authority and trust that eventually grow your business exponentially. 

Here are five important social media hacks that helps you in saving your time and gaining more exposure, followers, elevated conversion rates, and improved user engagement rate.

1. Know the latest and Best

If you know what the latest trends relevant to your niche are and you post content that is latest and important for your customers, you will surely provide your target audience a reason to read your posts over social media platforms, which indirectly increases traffic on your website. One of the tools that helps you in keeping a track on the new and trending approach related to your business is, which is powered by custom Google search and it throws the results for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and other popular platforms.

Another such tool, which allow the users to evaluate how their selected keywords are being treated by the different social media networks. It also offers analytics data, sentiments associated with keywords, and the posts that are doing well.

2. Adopt absolute approach to your marketing tactic

As a social media marketer, you must be aware of your product, its pricing, promotions, and placement. However, it is vital for you to realise the trove of important information in your customer's feedback, which remains hidden from the eyes of an inexperienced social media marketer and it includes everything from comments, posts, reviews, etc.
It could get complicated sometimes when we mix different products and localities, but it is important to analyse this data and to share it in a readable and digestible format with others in your organisation, as it will help you in executing the right marketing plan attuned as per the customer's needs. Another advantage of keeping your customers busy over social media sites is the speed with which you can test your mistakes and plan your imminent social media marketing strategies to get better results in future.

3. Expand your networks

Reaching subscribers, followers, and friends is essential for developing an enjoyable and successful social media campaign. You can find new customers over these social sites by running paid advertisements or you can also promote your blogs or make offers.
Another method is to tap the LinkedIn premium subscriptions that give you the opportunity to reach the potential clients via InMail. A genuinely basic, but often ignored hack to drive more subscribers towards your Facebook business page, is to instantly direct message the link to the new followers on Twitter. Similar cross-fertilising and creative techniques should be implemented on all other social media platforms for capturing the interest of your target audience.

4. Save your valuable time

No matter whether you are running an enterprise level social media operation or a one man show with data being fed into customer relationship management, you must have to automate certain systems because if you don't do so, these will tend to become chores that you will definitely want to avoid, thereby limiting your effectiveness.
Some of the activities which you can automate engrosses posting updates across different platforms, and uploading social media content into remote storage. This will help in saving you extra time and you can utilise this time to plan new strategies for ensuring success of your business through social media marketing.

5. Embrace the changes and be trendy

When a social media website modifies or changes its guidelines, you will be granted with two options. Either you can adapt the change to extract the maximum benefit for your business, or you simply give up. For example, LinkedIn has recently introduced improvements like the ability to block profiles and unwanted messages.
On the other hand, a recent Facebook update has announced to prohibit informing the results of contest winners through Facebook. These modifications have the clear advantage of famous LinkedIn groups that have to deal with loads of spam now.

Some other opportunities, which must be considered in social media marketing

• It is vital to understand the expectations of your consumers, not for your businesses only, but also for your rivals. Customers always have diverse expectations from different business domains. Here lies the exciting opportunity to exceed the expectations of your present as well as target customers and to outperform the competition.

• You can also benefit from the fact that most of the companies whether they are small or big are not engaged actively in social media or have not acquired any appropriate approach towards successful social media marketing.

• Moreover, you can also note the areas of low and high customer satisfaction and address them as well. This will also play an important role in recognising vital opportunities and creating your long term plans and short term strategies.
While a majority of social media hacks is little more than coherent activities, the ones that may astonish you with their efficiency are those that you come up with in-depth learning and observation.
Business owners can become busy and can simply forget to allow time each week for imaginative thinking. Therefore, it is important to perform some strategic evaluation on a standard basis and keep coming up with ideas to dig out enhanced results from your social media marketing efforts.

Best Tips For Post Optimized Content In Social Media's 

top social networking sites
how to do social media marketing

1. Importance of your headlines

When we’re talking about social media headlines, we could be referring both to blog post titles as well as to opening lines for your social networking posts. When we talk about Twitter headlines, we often mean the entire content of a tweet, given that you only have 140 characters to work with.

Your headline is what will capture the attention of your audience, and makes the difference between a post that gets read and shared, and one that sits and collects dust.

Some Tips For Making headlines:

Using number (#) headlines for your blog posts is always a safe bet, and continues to comprise many of the most read and shared blog and social media posts. This could be a list post (5 Ways to be a Better Leader) or just using a number in the title (The #1 Secret to Business Success).
Include a clear, tangible benefit. For instance, 3 Ways to Quit Your Day Job and Live the Life of Your Dreams.

Use a powerful, timely hook. Look for a unique angle you can use to evoke a specific picture in your readers’ minds. For instance, Secrets to Being Beautiful that Kim Kardashian Will Never Tell You.

For more tips on crafting powerful headlines, see my article, The Online Marketer’s Guide to Writing High-Converting Headlines.

2. Optimize your social media profiles

The only permanent, static elements of your social media presence are your social media profiles. Your posts, images and tweets will change from day to day, but your profiles will remain relatively constant. When new prospects find your business online, this is likely one of the first places they’ll look.

Some strategies for making the most of your social media profiles include:
Making sure you’re including an URL to your site in an obvious place (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to search for a website URL on someone’s Facebook Page!)

Completing every field on your profile (sites liked LinkedIn give search preference to profiles that are complete)
Ensuring your images, format and voice are consistent across all your social media profiles.

Linking to a network-specific landing page. For instance, having a dedicated landing page for your Twitter followers, one for Facebook fans, etc.

 3. Include strong calls to action in your social media posts

Most people know the importance of using calls to action (CTAs) in their blog and website content, but then forget to apply the same principles to their social media posts.
In most cases (there are exceptions), you’ll want to make sure to let your fans and followers know what you want them to do next. According to social media scientist Dan Zarrella, some CTAs that work particularly well on Twitter include ‘Please ReTweet’ and ‘Please Help’. On Facebook, he found actually using the words ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ resulted in more engagement than posts without.
If you want people to click through to your website, make sure to use CTAs like ‘click below to download now’ or ‘click to read more’. Even asking a simple question can work as a CTA: for instance, ‘What would you do?’ or ‘What do you think?’
For more guidance on crafting strong CTAs, see my article, The Definitive Guide to Crafting Winning Calls to Action in Your Content.

4. Images must be part of your strategy

According to the recently released Social Media Content Optimization Study, a survey done by Adobe and Software Advice, 82% of marketers said images were important or very important to their social media marketing.
If you have a product-based business, being on a visual-centric platform like Pinterest or Instagram is a must. However, all types of businesses can incorporate images into their marketing mix.
Here are some ways to do this:
On Facebook: Share funny or inspiring pictures that your fans would appreciate and want to share. The more interaction your images get, the more visibility all your posts will receive in your fans’ newsfeeds. When Facebook sees that you’re regularly posting relevant, popular content, you’ll find your overall post reach will improve dramatically.
On Twitter: Photos shared on Twitter receive a 35% bump in retweets compared to tweets without images. Twitter Cards allow you to incorporate rich media with your tweets which will often mean increased views and interaction. For more on this, see my article, The Definitive Guide to Using Twitter Cards.

For all social networks: There are many ways you can incorporate images into your mix: create images that promote an upcoming event or sale; create image polls; promote image-based coupons or coupon codes; overlay an image with a motivational quote; share an industry infographic. Remember that virtually anything you can share via text, you can share via an image!

 5. Hashtags are a great way to reach new audiences on social media

Many business owners use hashtags in their social media posts without really understanding why they’re doing it or how it’s helping to grow their business. Hashtags are the best way we have of making our posts and tweets as ‘findable’ as possible.
When you use relevant keywords in your hashtags, you allow those who are searching for that topic to find you, meaning you’re able to access a whole new audience outside your current group of followers.

Some tips for using #hashtags :

According to Buffer App, using 1-2 hashtags will get you 21% more engagement than if you use 3 or more. Be sure to test out what works best for your audience.

Instagrammers love hashtags! One study found that posts with 11 hashtags (yes, you read that right) received the most interactions. So, best practices may vary across social networks.

Edgerank Checker found that Facebook posts without hashtags actually outperform those with hashtags. So when in doubt, don’t use any hashtags on Facebook!

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