The first virus for the computer with MS-DOS made just after its invention in 1981. In the 1986 two brothers from Pakistan designed a computer virus which later on called as the Brain that can infect the boot sector of storage media formatted with the DOS File Allocation Table. The reason why I am starting my blog with this information is just to make you aware how vulnerable our computer systems are. This is not just limited to that also. Since the advent of the internet in our lives, things around us have changed drastically but those who are making our lives easier through different internet portals are always in the line of fire.

With every passing year, the number of cyberattacks is increasing and there is none stopping them. People sitting in their potholes like basement and rooms are constantly trying to crack down a big enterprise website just to show their existence to the giants. Fortunately, there have been some countermeasures too for such vicious acts on the internet.

When some individuals are spending their nights in building the firewalls of different enterprises websites and to steal their internal data, there are some knights too who are together doing their best to build the most secure anti-viruses for you.

Every year numerous companies design their own antiviruses and introduce in the market as a challenge for the hackers and viruses of the digital world. In this business, numerous trusted website development company in UAE are also playing their roles. To present you the performances of the best website security tools, I am writing this article to make the security of your website sound and secure.


To keep the security of your website stable, you need to run constant scans for that. For the scanning purposes, the Detectify is an ideal tool for the thorough scan of your website. With the Detectify, you can check over 700 vulnerabilities and also keep scanning your website continuously after a defined time by you for the malware. The unique thing about the Detectify is that it is designed by the team of ethical hackers who knows every little spot that can make any website vulnerable. Furthermore, after identifying the security issues or threats with your website, the Detectify also do some remedies to make your website as secure as possible.

Comodo cWatch:

The way Comodo cWatch is designed makes the malware detection and removal into an easy task. It provides the 24/7 website security monitoring from a team of certified security experts with the help of state of the art technology to respond to any attack or even a threat. The reason why this website security tool is on the top is because of the focus and emphasized mechanism it has. You can buy the Comodo cWatch in different plans. In the starter plan, you can scan 50 web pages at once that keep rising according to the advanced plans.

Site Guarding:

The Site Guarding an online web security tools provide you antivirus for your website, website firewall and the website files change monitoring services. As far the reports are a concern, this is the tool which has the most successful record of protecting the website against malware and hackers. The reasons that make Site Guarding as an ideal website security tool are following.

    The Site Guarding is equipped with the highest level security tools for maximum website protection.
    It has a fast reporting system that releases the update just after any threat to your website.
    They also provide the services of an expert for your website security which according to your plan provide you their services.
    If your website is blacklisted for any reason, this tool also helps you in removing from that list.

Tinfoil Security:

It is not light as the name tinfoil suggests. The Tinfoil Security is just like any other top website security tool which examines each and every page of your website in a step by step process. At first, this website security tool examines the website against the top 10 vulnerabilities and also tells you numerous other known security lapses in your system. After every scan, the Tinfoil Security generates an actionable report and also allow you to re-scan your website again just to ensure that the changes you have made on the basis of the first report are working or not.

The specialty of Tinfoil Security is its in-depth report. This website security tool has the ability to discover over 2 million vulnerabilities in a website which are enough to make it secured like any other enterprise’s website. Another reason why the Tinfoil Security is among the best and leading website security tools is its speed and fast response. To scan your website from these 2 million vulnerabilities, the Tinfoil Security only takes five minutes. In these five minutes, it not only scan your website from top to bottom but also constructs a detail report so the developers of the website can fix the pointed out vulnerabilities of your website.

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