Rajan Anandan, Google’s Managing Director of Southeast Asia, while speaking to The Financial Times has said that a new plan for Android One will be revealed in the next few weeks. 

The overarching goal is to push Android penetration to an even lower price point to get the next generation of smartphone customers onboard. For this, the company aims to hit the sweet spot of $50 (Rs. 3000) smartphones that will still offer a pure Android experience by offering explicit guidelines to all of Google’s manufacturing partners.

Google ready for launch android mobile in india under 3000RS soon!

Worth noting is that we have seen a partial revival of the Android One program with the launch of the Lava Pixel V1, a decidedly higher end Android One device. This in tandem with more bandwidth optimized services like YouTube and Google Maps could be catalyst needed by Android’s already substantial foothold over the market.

Google’s first attempt with the Android One programme didn’t go down as well as it had hoped, but now, the company wants to take another crack at its ultra-low-cost smartphone initiative. First up: even cheaper Android-powered phones. However the devices priced at Rs 6,500 failed to reach Google’s expected sales numbers.

Initial efforts were served up in partnership with Indian smartphone vendor Micromax, but as with many Google projects, things apparently petered out this year.

Google has plans to revamp the Android One platform in India. The company reportedly plans to launch a sub-Rs 3,000 Android device as a part of Google’s massive investment push into India’s internet market.

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