If you ask most web hosting providers about what their recommendation would be for a blogging platform or Content Management System for a website you will most probably hear WordPress as the first option. Day by day, the patronage for WordPress is on the rise, and with good reason too. This article explains why most web hosting providers would encourage the use of WordPress and why it may be their number one choice for clients.

Updates and Community Support

Why Do Most Web Hosting Providers And Resellers Recommend WordPress?

WordPress is regularly updated by the community and is kept bug free and as secure as possible at all times. If there is a vulnerability or exploit detected, many people work hard to plug the vulnerability and fix the flaws in the system. Since it is open source, this is all a team effort of the community. No dependence on a dedicated team or on a profit-focused software company. This gives much assurance to web hosting providers that the software is safe to run on their servers without a hitch.

Auto Installer Support

Almost all auto-installer software support the WordPress system and enable quick setup and maintenance of WordPress. With auto-installer software like Softaculous, you can auto-update WordPress when a new version is released, you can update all themes and plugins when new versions are released and you can also configure automatic backups to take place through cron jobs. This eases the burden on the web hosting provider in monitoring outdated installations and asking users to keep updating their obsolete software. This also comes in use when the web host needs to step in to provide support or fire-fight a website compromise.

Useful Documentation and Helpful Tutorials

WordPress is well documented and the documentation is easily accessible on their website. This is a major relief to most web hosts, especially when troubleshooting client issues. A web host would always like to know if there is some issue with his server or there is a misconfiguration with the user's install of WordPress. Although providing support for WordPress may not be covered in the scope of work of the hosting provider, it would definitely give them brownie points for pointing a distressed client in the right direction.

WordPress also has a lot of tutorials for newbie users and private bloggers. Many websites offer Video and Audio Tutorials for free, while some charge for premium guidance. YouTube also offers numerous free videos on WordPress issues and how to solve them.

Turn Around Time

A primary reason why web hosts and web developers love WordPress is due to the miniscule turnaround time for setting up a website and actually getting content online. The coming of auto-installears has further improved the speed of setup and updates. When a client trusts a web host for all their IT advice and expertise, they are sure to ask about WordPress. Setting up WordPress for an elderly client or a loyal patron is super fast and easy.

We have seen many clients struggling for months on end just to pick a suitable web designer. When they do pick one, it is an endless process to get the final site up and running. Either the Web Designer dilly-dallies or the client has very little time to give inputs. This process goes on for a couple of months, till the client realizes that the web hosting space they have taken is being wasted. When the client sits up and wants a website done yesterday, it's the development team's turn to act fussy. You can't setup a full website quicker than with WordPress.

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