WordPress has been around since over 10 years and is a leading Content Management System for websites and blogs. A large number of Social Organizations and Non-Profit Organizations use WordPress to establish their online presence. This article explains why WordPress is the preferred choice for most NGO's, Non-Profits and Social Service Groups.

It's Free and Quick

The main plus point about WordPress is that it is open source and free to use. No license fees, no upgrade fees, no hidden costs and no commissions to be paid out. This could save upto $500 per year for a small or medium organisation.

How WordPress Empowers Social Service Organizations

WordPress also helps save the cost of hiring a designer or programmer, by offering a plethora of free themes and design templates which can be incorporated into your website in a jiffy. Many websites offer free themes, specially designed for Non-Profits. The best part about WordPress is that it is super quick to install and setup. You can get a full fledged website up in a couple of hours without the help of a designer or programmer.

Facilitating Donations and Income Building

Most Social Service Organizations run on donations or have a revenue model for getting additional income. WordPress allows simple integration of Payment Gateways, which will handle donations by Card or Bank or Online Transfer. WordPress has numerous plugins for PayPal, Stripe, 2CO and many more. All you need to do is put in your organisations login details to start getting donations. eCommerce plugins also allow NGO's to sell their products online and let the world know how they can contribute to making a difference.

Plugins make it simple

WordPress allows even a layman to add extra functionality to his website, using plugins. The Plugins allow quick and simple integration of ready-made applications which perform different functions to enhance the utility of the website. With a one-click install you can add a host of features like Statistics Tools, Payment Plugins, Video Galleries, Audio Players and Social Networking Buttons to your existing website without knowing a bit of programming or software development.


Involve the community

Setting up online polls, feedback forms, surveys and other interactive tools will allow you to connect better with your community and target group. WordPress facilitates the dissemination of information and allows it to be made public in a controlled and admin-friendly way. These subtle ways of publicizing your cause can go a long way in getting donors, governments and society to understand your needs and appreciate your work.

Showcase your work

WordPress empowers social organizations to showcase their work through pictures, audio clips and video presentations, thereby enabling donors to see how their money is being spent and gauge the effectiveness of their charity. Showcasing work also brings these organizations in the limelight and allows them to be recognized, appreciated and even supported by governments, international organizations and foreign countries who may otherwise be unaware of the good work being done. Publicizing the work may also bring many awards and accolades to the organization which may lead to accreditation and certification by International Agencies. Many recent Nobel Peace prize winners would have gone unnoticed without promoting their cause through a website.

WordPress maybe an NGO's dream come true, especially with the extremely low startup cost and definitely affordable recurring maintenance cost.

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How WordPress Empowers Social Service Organizations
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