•   What is Article Marketing?

  •   How can Article Marketing help me get more traffic to my website?

  •   Can I publish the same Article twice (in two different article directories)?

  •   How to come up with fresh content every day?

  •   What are the best Tools for Article Marketing?

There are probably some more questions you might have about article marketing but these are the important questions you need to learn to get started with this internet marketing strategy. If you have any more questions – leave them in the comments below.
Learn How to Get Traffic with Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing?
Here is the Web Definition:
Web definitions
  1. Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles about themselves, their company or their field of expertise as a marketing strategy. A primary style for the articles includes a bio box and byline about the business.
Article Marketing is simply a type of advertising where you use articles related to your niche to tell people about your business or websites. The definition is very simple.
The process although could be a bit of a challenge for most people online. The main reason why this could become a big challenge, is the fact that you have to write a lot of articles and be very consistent about it. It could easily burn someone out if they are doing all of the work themselves.
If you want to get the best results with Article Marketing, you should consider investing in the tools to help you with the process and learn how to outsource as much as possible.
Of course, you can still do all of the work yourself if you don’t have enough money to play with yet, but be ready to do whatever it takes to make some money online, so you can re-invest into the process.

How can Article Marketing help me get more traffic to my website?

This internet marketing strategy is just a simple way of promoting your website by publishing articles all over the internet. The more you do it and the more consistent you are with the process – the better results you will get.
You can really get a lot of free traffic with Article Marketing and it can also help you with your Search Engine Rankings.
One of the best things Article Marketing can help you with, is SEO. You can come up with a good tiered backlinks strategy to boost up your search engine rankings.
I’m going to share with you an image that will show you what a simple Tiered Backlinks Strategy looks like….
Implementing SEO and Taking Massive Action, when it comes to publishing articles online to promote your website, is what will help you increase the traffic to your website.
You just need to do it the right way, in a massive amount, and for as long as possible – as often as possible. The best results will come when you do the work every single day – especially when you are new online and want to get ahead fast.
The simple task to get done, when it comes to article marketing, is Publishing Articles in as many Article Directory Sites. There are thousands of Article Directory Sites that offer you a Free Membership and the ability to publish your own articles on their site.
If the article directory website is popular and is getting a huge amount of traffic, then a very unique and valuable article from you, published on that site, can really get you a lot of free traffic to your site.
Just start publishing Articles related to the Niche of your website on as many Article Directories as possible and as often as possible. For best results do it Daily and for a very long time. Do it until you see the results you want to get pretty much!
Just always keep in mind to only publish Unique AND Valuable Articles.

Can I publish the same Article twice (in two different article directories)?

You could, if the article directory allows it, of course. But this is NOT the way to do this!!
As painful as it might sound (if you can’t outsource)…. you need to write one unique and valuable article for each article directory site.

How to come up with fresh content every day?

One of the most challenging task from an Article Marketing Strategy can be the Article Writing Process.
When you are a newbie online and have no money to invest in the tools and services you can use to help you with the work, then there is no other way around but doing it all yourself.
It might feel easy to get done and a simple process to follow at the beginning but it can really wear anyone out after a while.
This is why as you get results, get traffic, get leads and then sales – you should definitely invest back into outsourcing most of the work from your article marketing strategy.
One of the best ways to come up with fresh new content for your blog and article directories every day is to learn something new every single day. You should also be reading as much as possible, if you are in need of new ideas on what to write about.

More knowledge is what you want when you are having a difficult time coming up with new fresh content.

Get creative; using your imagination with what you already know can really help you come up with fresh content too. Use your creativity with your imagination and come up with different ways to come up with new content.
You can also pay for a ghost writer. And you can also pay for an Article Writing Service or Tool. Depending on what works for you and on your spending budget – you are the one who is in full control on how you implement your Article Marketing Strategy.
Try to be smart about how you invest your money and make sure you always turn a profit. Always work you ass off when you in a tool or service so you can make your money back at least.

What are the best Tools for Article Marketing?

There are so many tools and services to help you with your article marketing strategy.
The most lucrative way to implement article marketing to get a lot of traffic to your website is by outsourcing most of the work, so you can have more time to work on how to make the more money from that traffic.
You can hire Ghost Writers or just someone who wants to work and needs extra money, to help you with the content for your article marketing strategy. You can check out the following sites to outsource the Article Writing process….
It is just a matter of putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together, the right way. Article Marketing is not a challenge that you cannot overcome! ..
You have everything you need and all of the information you need right now to start getting the traffic you want to get to your website, if you really, really wanted to.
I hope this article was helpful to you and that you have learned how you can start using Article Marketing to increase the traffic to your website and eventually accomplish all of your goals online.

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