How to Get Traffic from Facebook to Your Blog

Undoubtedly Facebook is one the best and most popular social networking sites. Almost everyone has a Facebook account now a day. So, just think how much traffic you can get from Facebook to your blog. But, you have to work hard and use Facebook wisely to get massive traffic.

Make your info tab more effective

After making a fan page don’t leave the respective fields blank in the about section. Your ‘about’ or information section must be optimized for viewers. The appropriate fields should be filled with keyword rich contents. Find best keywords for your introduction. Add good, sensible and catchy description.

More over, Make sure you grab a custom user name for your Fan page, as it will help you to preserve your brand on Facebook. Before you start using your Fan page for traffic, make sure you make it ready for promotion by filling out all necessary details. If you are a business site, enter all details like Address, City, Zip to ensure visibility in local searches.

 Create a Facebook fan page

To get traffic from Facebook, first for of all you need a Facebook account. Go to and create personal account using your name. If you have an account, then you can use it. Now, create a fan page for your blog. Your blog’s name and fan page’s name must be same.

 Give information that represents your blog

Give profile picture and cover photo which represent your blog. Give a short description about your blog in description box. Add your blog’s address in info and select appropriate category for your page.

 Invite friends and share your fan page

After you have created a fan page, invite your all friends to like your page and keep connected with it. It is the main thing of Facebook traffic. If someone likes your page, he or she will get a feed when you will share your posts in your page. And when he or she will like your post, his or her friends will also get a feed. So, there is high chance that his or her friends will also like your posts and fan page. So, try to get Likes for your page as much as possible. You can send your friends messages or say them to share it with their friends. But, don’t be crazy to do it. Otherwise it will be detected as spamming.

 Share your blog posts in your fan page

When you publish a post in your blog, share the post in your fan page. On left side of your page there is a box, which has “Status” and “Photo/Video” tab. Click status and share the link of your blog’s post with short description in the blank box below status. If you want to add photo or video, you can click “Photo/Video” tab and add it. Description must be short. Try to keep your audience in suspense. If you give full description or describe all in fan page, they won’t go to your blog to read it.

 Try to add photo with every post and tag friends

I mentioned above that to get more traffic you need more Likes for your post. I have seen that I get more likes for a photo than a post without photo. So, try to add photo with your link. You can search Google for an interesting photo which fits with your post. There is another advantage of using photo. You can tag up to 50 friends in your photo. Those 50 friends may not like your posts or page, but they and their friends will get notification saying your friend was tagged in by you. This will help increase likes and traffic.

 Add a Facebook Like or Fan box to your blog

You can add Like or Fan box to your blog. Visitors of your blog may like your fan page from your blog and keep following your fan page and blog. So, he or she won’t forget about your blog.

 Update your fan page regularly

Update your fan page everyday. Otherwise your fans can Unlike your page and you may lose traffic. Even if you don’t publish any new post in your blog, share posts from other sites/blogs. Or, you can write interesting things or share photos.

 Share post from other websites including latest news

Keep in mind that you need more and more Likes for your page. Your all post may not be interesting. So, post funny photo, interesting or surprising topics. Share latest information or news from other popular sites. People like latest news. Suppose you have a computer tutorial blog. You can share latest news about technology in your fan page.

 Stay connected with your fans and make them happy

In blog you can not post something in 2-3 sentences or can not talk to people like a friend. You can do it in your facebook fan page. You can wish them ‘Happy New Year’ and share ‘New year card’ with them or want to know, how they have enjoyed a special day. Don’t forget to wish them on a special day. Respond to their comments. They will be happy and won’t leave your blog. They will give more likes to your posts and you will get more traffic.

 Create your own group

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You can create your own group just like your fan page. You can add your all friends in your group. A group can also help get more traffic.

 Join others group

It is one of the best ways to get huge amount of traffic from Facebook. There are many groups in Facebook. You can search groups from Facebook search box. Join in open groups with high number of members. It will be better if group’s niche and your blog’s niche are same. Share your blog links with your fan page link there. But, don’t share link in same group excessively. Admin of that group can block you. Don’t share your own links only. Share things which are valuable and interesting from other sites and add your fan page links there using ‘@’. For example, you can say, “For more interesting articles, visit @your fan page name.” Also, don’t share links continuously in more than 3-4 group at a time. Otherwise, Facebook will block your account as a spammer. If you want to share link in 6 groups, then share 3 now and share next 3 after 30-60 minutes.

 Like and comment on same type of fan pages

Like fan pages related to your blog's topic. Comment there regularly. When you comment on a page, enter to that page using your fan page’s user name. Thus people will know about your page. But, don’t share your links there. Otherwise, admin of that page may block you or it may be detected as spamming. But, sometimes, you may share your fan page’s link or user name cleverly. For example, a sports page has shared that Team A will face Team B on 25 April. But, it is not mentioned there when will match start. People may want to know about the time. You can share it in comment with your fan page’s link and mention that the time has given in your link. Also, like those pages posts. Don’t ignore any messages or wall posts if your fans/friends send you.

 Make more friends

More friends you have, more like you will get. And, you will get huge traffic. But, how will you know who your friend should be? I mentioned above that you should follow others fan page and join groups which niches are same as yours. You can send friends request to active members who regularly like or comment on posts. With friend request, send them a message saying you met him/her in that page/group. But, don’t send a lot of requests. It will be detected as spamming, if a lot of requests are not accepted.

 Use Facebook Social ads to promote your page

You can also use Facebook social ads which are same as Google Adwords. It’s not expensive. Your page’s name will be displayed in other user’s page as ad. You can get massive traffic in this way

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