Twitter is an online social networking service . It is an incredible social network with 200 million monthly active members (according to Expanded Ramblings).

Easy Ways To Increase Blog Traffic From Twitter
Whatever your business does, or whatever your blog is about there is a huge number of people ready and waiting to learn more about what you do but the problem is how to reach them.

Twitter is a one of the best platform for Marketing your Business.Any business need to costumer,but is not easy to get .twitter is platform for that. This post is produce
how to use twitter for success

Change Twitter Background Attractive

Twitter allows you to customize your Twitter account, so you can change all of your colors  and you can upload your own background image. Majority of people that use twitter neglect this, but as a blogger with a unique mindset, it is cool to have your custom background design, you can decide to make your twitter background color or design match your website designs.
The background image is the most significant of this process. You can decide to include a lot of information that your followers might find useful. You can display the URL of your website and the other social network addresses.

Follow Popular People Accounts

Find out The Popular people accounts in your Field . Check out for people that are related to your niche and get acquainted with them. Follow pros, share ideas with them, ask questions etc.

Link Your Blog or Website with Twitter with Facebook

There is an outstanding feature that Twitter has provided and that is linking your blog to twitter and from twitter to Your Facebook Fan Page. This has reduced the stress of posting both on twitter and on Facebook. All you just need to do is to Link them together.

Make Your Post Title Interesting and Attractive

Whenever a Post is published, the Title of the Post is the only one that is tweeted with the link of the Post. If your Post title is not Cathy then no one will pay attention to the Post, and that will affect your Facebook Fans because it is going to be visible to your fans also.

Make Use of Hash Tags

The symbol # called a hash tag is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Hash Tags was created by Twitter users for best way to categorize messages.
I advice you take a look at before you Tweets so that you can find out exactly what’s trending to help give your Tweets an added boost but don’t overuse hash tags it can look spammy.
Note if anyone searches for the hash tags you use, your tweet will be included and that drives more traffic to your blog.

Share Attractive Tweets

Easy Ways To Increase Blog Traffic From Twitter
The act of sharing others tweet is really a great instrument for building relationship.

Join Conversations

There are so many people on twitter that always have conversations with friends and people around them. Jump into the conversation of those people, you are not forward, as far the conversation is in line with your niche, don’t be shy to contribute to the discussion.
You can also learn a lot from the conversion and they can also learn from you and from there you build up a cool and friendly network.

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