Trojan horse program

A Trojan horse program is a complete and self contained program
It hides its malicious intent behind a faced of something useful of interesting
Most trojan horse program contain a mechanism to spread them selves to new victims

Trojan horse program can be used to accomplish functions indirectly that an unauthorized user could not accomplish dirctly


A worm is a program that crawls from system to system without any assistance from its victims

network worm programs use network connection to spread from system to system one active with in a system one active with in a system,
A network worm can behave as a computer virus or bacteria-torjan horse programs
preform any number of distruptive or destructive actions.

The morris worm was the first known example of a worm
code red and slapper worm are recent examples of worms


Spam is flooding the internet with many copies of the same message, In an attempt to force
teh message on prople who would not otherwise choose to receive it .

Most of spam

1.Commercial advertising

2.Often for dubious products

3.Get rich quick schemes

4.Qausi legal service

spam costs the sender the very little to send most of the costs are paid for by the receipent or the carrior rather by the sender

E-mail spam

E-mail spam targets of users with direct mail message.E- mail spam lists are often created by
scanning usenet posting,stealing internet mailing lists or searching the web address E-mail spams typically costs money.Out of packets to receive .

many people anyone with measured phone service read or receive their mail
while the meter is running, so to speak

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