50 Google+ Tips

1. Create A Killer Hovercard
2. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly
3. Google+ Communities
4. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM
5. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas
6. Create A “Save For Later” Circle
7. Add A Large Image To Your Post
8. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts
9. Share Someone Else’s G+ Post
10. Create A Mini Blog on G+

11. Host A Google+ Hangout
12. Leave A Wake of Value-Add In Your Path
13. Take Control Of Your G+ Notifications
14. SEO Your Google+ Posts
15. How To Find Things On G+

16. Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts
17. How To Disable Comments & Shares
18. Attract More Comments With Gifs & Image Posts
19. Start A Conversation With Someone
20. Create An Event Using G+

21. Enable Automatic Hash-tagging
22. Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle
23. The Benefits of Link Shorteners
24. Understanding Ripples & Using Them To Your Advantage
25. What Not To Do On G+ (Part 1)

26. Edit Posts – Did You Know You Could Do That?
27. Choose The Best Link Thumbnail For Your Post
28. Start Building Your Author Rank
29. Link G+ To Your Content With Authorship Tags
30. Curate & Streamline Circles for Awesome News Streams

31. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines
32. Use Google Drive With Google+
33. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount
34. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome
35. Build Your Following By Watching Hangouts

36. Overcome Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning People
37. Write Posts That People Are Actually Looking For:
38. Use ‘The Google+ Effect’ To Improve Your Twitter Experience
39. Learn How To Use Images Appropriately & Legally
40. Learn To Schedule Posts With +Do Share

41. Build A Community Around Your Passion
42. Optimise Your Profile/Page/Community For Search
43. Share Beyond Your Circles & GPlussers
44. Blocking & Muting People – As Simple As It Sounds?
45. Extend The Life Of Your Best Posts

46. Merge Multiple Google+ Profiles Together
47. Using Your About Tab More Effectively
48. Posting Multiple Photos Per Post
49. Use Google+ …Every Day
50. What Not To Do On Google+ (Part 2)

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