Before going to How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate . Learn why blog or site need to  Build an Organic Social Media Following

6 Reasons to Build an Organic Social Media Following

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Social media followings can be artificially accumulated, but building an organic audience is much more beneficial for a number of reasons. Listed below are six reasons as to why you should build an organic social media following:

They Are Following You For The Right Reasons

It is true that you can purchase followers for any form of social media, and they can help to a small extent, but nothing compares to a following that is organic. Purchased users, which are generally bots, will only really supply you with a fabricated number of followers. Bots just sit there and do nothing but that…

Overall, your organic followers are on your social media channels because of the content you provide. That is why they should be following you, and the advantages to this will be touched upon below.

Oh, and it is the moral thing to do!

Cuts Marketing Costs

Although it can take time to build a substantial organic following, using social media is one of the most affordable forms of marketing for any business. And if you elect not to buy your followers, then it will prove to be an even cheaper investment!

Interact With Your Followers

Social media is all about interacting with others. And with a business-themed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you can establish an emotional connection with your community, which will in turn help to improve your brand’s marketing efforts.

Along with being able to build a loyal community, social media is also an informal way to communicate with followers. If they have any questions, feedback and so on, you can answer in a quick and efficient manner. In the end, this will further help to build trust between you and your community.

Increases Your Digital Exposure

It is hard work to be found among the millions of websites on the web, but a strong social presence can help in a big way. Due to the massive amount of daily users, worldwide access, and sharing capabilities, social media is capable of opening the doors to essentially limitless potential when it comes to exposure.

Boost Traffic/Search Engine Rankings

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Social media that is utilized to its full potential can be a major traffic generator for any website. And of course, the more social media platforms you use, the better your outreach will be in gaining more traffic.

When it comes to search engine rankings, Google likes social media. Business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. will be ranked favorably – even more so if they are optimized properly with keywords in titles and descriptions.

Improve Your Business as a Whole

Social media is everywhere now and is part of many people’s daily activities. If your business has its own social media accounts, then you are included in your follower’s daily activities. If you build up your following and use social media efficiently to get your content shared, then you will be seen by even more users. The more you work at it, the more your sales, traffic and brand will increase.

Strategies to Grow Organic Blog Traffic: Reduce Your Bounce Rate

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You've probably heard marketing experts advise bloggers to "make your site sticky and reduce bounce rates." This marketing jargon confuses and frustrates blog authors, and they'll often ignore this advice in favor of more easily understood tips and strategies (like targeting long-tail keywords in blog posts).

Stickiness is simply getting visitors to engage deeply with your content, and hopefully with your products if you're selling something online.

Bounce rate is simply a measure of how many people visit your website, look at one post or page, and then leave.

The two ideas go together, and you can estimate your blog's stickiness and learn your exact bounce rate by looking at your monthly Analytics . Bounce rate is more in your control as a blogger by making some tweaks to your layout and adding some obvious pointers for new visitors.

Use Perfectly Designed Theme   

On the design side, choose a theme or layout that loads quickly and minimizes distracting clutter. Graphical elements and images within posts should make sense to readers and support the text they are reading. Likewise, color contrasts can be leveraged to improve readability and hold attention--and encourage clicking on internal page links to bring readers deeper into your blog. Keep it clean and simple: black text, white background, and blue links feel comfortable and familiar.

Use Embed Link's Are Open On a New Tab 

When you embed link text into your blog posts, always have the link open into a new tab or window. People often forget where they are as they click around, and having to use the back button in the browser is old-school. This is especially important when links lead away from your blog to third-party sites.

Write Quality Content

On the content side, obviously you want quality content that answers the visitor's need or question. Beyond that basic, pay attention to ease of reading. Depending on your audience, you may need to simplify the language of your blog posts to a more readable level. Also, make sure your grammar and punctuation are absolutely perfect.


Leverage related content to keep visitors from bouncing away. Many themes and plugins make this task easy, but as you build content keep referring to older posts in helpful and subtitle ways through internal linking. Splitting longer posts into several installments is an excellent way to keep readers clicking along and getting comfortable with your blog.

Put yourself in your reader's shoes and honestly analyze what could cause high bounce rates. Getting people to visit your blog is only the first step: keeping them there turns you into a highly regarded resource and encourages deep engagement.

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