Nowadays many people are reading the blogs they subscribe mostly through RSS feeds, which makes being able to monetize your RSS feed important. People who have subscribed to your RSS feed are notified when you have updated your blog with a new post. When a visitor views your actual RSS feed, they’re presented with a list of your blog posts. Ads can be placed between the actual posts.

how to make money online
Feeds are one of the most popular and easiest way to get updates from a blog or site. If you have an RSS feed then you can follow in the footsteps of millions of other website owners and start placing ads on it. Feeds can be paid in two ways: per click or per impression. You can find adverts for your RSS feed that you can implement to monetize your feed. Targeted “ads” will be displayed in the Feeds. Revenues are generated by clicks on the displayed ads. So RSS feeds can be source of income too.

How To Make Money With RSS Feeds

Sell Ad Space.
Popular method of selling ads in an RSS feed is to place brief text ads at the bottom of the feed which includes a link to the advertiser or sell ads within the body of your feed.
PPC ads can also be included in RSS feeds. The ads will be placed at the bottom of the RSS feed.
Affiliate links
Affiliate links are an easy and profitable solution if you don’t want to take the time to sell ad space or are just building your subscriber base.
Hosting RSS Feeds
Hosting RSS feeds gives your site an endless source of freshly updated and relevant content which lure search engine spiders who want more content on daily basis.

You can’t be sure what tool a client is using to read your RSS feed and what limitations that tool has. To be safe, you should avoid Javascript and other rich media. Don’t over populate the feed with banners, keep them elegantly placed and make it obvious that they are banners and not actual content.

If you are selling ads or using affiliate ads for your feeds you will need to select an option for displaying these ads in your feed. The first option is to manually include them at the end of each blog post, which means they’ll also appear on your blog. Most RSS advertisements will appear only in the RSS feed itself, not on the blog. Make sure that any advertisers you sell directly to know that you can deliver into your RSS feed and they will most likely wish to have separate rates for RSS / non-RSS impressions. They probably want to see some historical CTR stats of the RSS banners first.

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