Many bloggers dream of the day when their blogs will have massive traffic and the profits and revenue streams that go with such attention. However dreaming is not enough. You will need to get down to building that colossal traffic one blog post at a time.

how to drive traffic to your blog
The good news is that it has become so much easier these days with numerous tools and mediums out there that you can use to great effect.

how to drive traffic to your blog

Use Twitter and Facebook:

Social media is a wonderful tool to get the word out quickly about your latest post. Remember that you will need to be sensational and create as much curiosity as you possibly can in your headlines and titles. The most common mistake most bloggers make when using social media is to summarize their entire post in a few words so that folks do not need to read the post because the whole story has already been told.

What you must do is make statements that will force them to want to read your blog post. Statistics show that very few people will click on a link that takes them out of Facebook for instance and so you will have to work extra hard to get visitors to your blog. Twitter is a little easier for click through but remember that the typical reader will be exposed to dozens of tweets in a day and will only click through to a few articles. Make sure that yours is one of them.

A tip that works well on Facebook is to post your headline with a photograph or illustration to attract attention.

Another powerful way of boosting traffic to your blog post is to go through your Facebook account looking for discussions that are remotely relevant to your post. Leave a comment and then post another comment immediately after your first linking to your blog post. The more relevant the thread is to your post, the more traffic you will be able to generate in the direction of your blog.

Share Your Blog Post on Popular Blogging Community Websites:

Popular blogging communities are an easy way to instantly promote your blog posts. This is where bloggers share their content and other stuff that is of interest to the community. To name a few of these high traffic communities;,,,,, and

The trick here is not to arrive and start sharing every post on your blog. What you need to do is start by building a solid relationship with other members of the community. Ask questions and post useful comments on other member’s content so that they begin to recognize you as a member of the community. Only then can you begin sharing your very best blog posts.

The other advantage of first familiarizing yourself with each community is the fact that you will get a feel of the kind of blog posts that will be popular amongst members. The worst thing you can do is to get a reputation for posting inappropriate or dull content because this will ultimately work against you.

“Community News” Sections in Blogs Can Get You Tons Of Traffic:

This little known secret can get you tons of traffic very quickly. Hundreds of blogs have a community news section. It helps keep a blog fresh and readers coming back again and again even when there is a delay in the blogger updating the blog.

Most of these blogs will easily allow you to share your latest blog post in their community news section. Now imagine for a minute that you had dozens of these blogs where you regularly appear in this section. This would translate to lots of traffic.

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Use the power of email:

You have worked so hard to get traffic to your blog and so it will be a disaster if you do not have any way of harvesting email addresses of your visitors. Although getting even half of them to subscribe to your email list is impossible, it is important that you work hard towards getting as a high a percentage of them as possible on your list. Offer valuable gifts and highly targeted information and eBooks to ensure that this happens.

Remember that your list is the easiest way of generating income from your blog and so it is as good as money in the bank. But for you to keep your list growing steadily and limit the number of folks unsubscribing from it, you will have to deliver value on a regular basis.

Your excellent blog posts are a great way to do this even as you ensure massive traffic for every blog post you make. Simply email you list with a teaser paragraph and then link back to your latest blog post.

Use online tools to spread your exposure:

There are numerous wonderful traffic tools online these days that you can use to maximize on the exposure of each blog post you come up with. For instance you can share your content with popular blogging community sites. You can also submit it to, which as the name suggests will generate lots or retweets and increase your traffic coming in from twitter.

We also have link roundups where bloggers share their best content and this is a great way to advertise your post.

You may also want to consider PPC ads and even Facebook ads. The latter are extremely affordable and well worth your effort. With just $5 you can get thousands of folks who would have otherwise not seen your Facebook links to your blog to actually see them and this increases the number of those who will end up on your blog considerably.

Submit a version with less information to popular article directories and link to your blog post:
Some article directories with a high page rank (PR) can get you massive traffic for a long time to come. Here’s why. Because of their high PR, chances are that any article you post at sites like will end up ranking very highly in search results for popular high traffic keywords. Tons of traffic will result and naturally some of it will find its way to your blog.

Build massive traffic to your blog one blog post at a time using the great tips in this article.

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