SlideDog launches a brand new set of features that lets presenters seamlessly interact and share their presentations with the audience in real-time to any web-enabled device. The latest release of the SlideDog presentation software empowers presenters, teachers and professors to interact with their audience on mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

With the launch of the live sharing and audience engagement platform by SlideDog (, presenters will be able to efficiently interact with their audience on their mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. In addition to being able to live-share between the presenter and audience via electronic devices, SlideDog is also adding a poll-running feature and a remote control, allowing for lecturers and their audiences to efficiently interact with one another. The all-new features will be free and available for everyone during a limited beta period, so go ahead and take them for a spin at
The team behind SlideDog sees this as a new and exciting channel to engage and interact with the audience in ways that will change presentations forever.
SlideDog integrates this new channel as a natural and seamless part of any presentation. Thanks to SlideDog’s unique presentation platform, users can jump right in with existing presentation files, such as PowerPoint, YouTube clips, web pages, pdf, and excel, without any uploads or file conversions.


By following a given web link, the audience can see the presenter’s slides on their own device, and also scroll through previous slides. The audience will be able to follow the presentation via mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, whether they are at home, in the lecture room, or anywhere else in the world.
“We will be expanding this feature with the ability to let the audience write and share notes, as well as exporting your presentation as a PDF document,” says Magnus Jensen, lead developer at SlideDog.


The audience engagement platform also includes a poll-running feature, which allows presenters to instantaneously receive feedback from their audience. Using the same live sharing channel, the audience will be able to reach out to the presenter with questions and comments. The possibilities with SlideDog are endless- users can create a quiz, find out what the audience thinks about a subject, or let them decide what to present next. The answers are instantly presented as an easily readable graph.

SlideDog Remote Control 

With the SlideDog remote control, the user can switch between slides and files from any web-enabled device while walking around on stage or in the classroom. During larger events, the web remote can be used to switch between multiple presentations as new presenters enter the stage.

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